I think we can agree that life can be very complex. From taxes to sustaining a stable income to following your dreams and doing something fulfilling. It can all be hard, boring and mundane. No wonder the term “adulting” has become so popular. Fortunately, we have technology! These 6 online tools and solutions are here to make life just a little bit easier. All of these solutions are free or have at least a solid free option.

1. Connecting everything with everything

Zapier helps you integrate everything you use online with everything else you use online. Do you want to automatically post from WordPress to Facebook? No problem. Do want events in your Google Calendar to be added to Trello? Done. Do your electronically signed documents need to be stored in your Dropbox? Zapier’s got your back.

2. Add it on

Chances are you use Google applications for much of what you do: searching, emailing, storing and creating documents, sheets, and slides. However, you might not yet use any of the numerous add-ons available for free. Schedule your emails or mute your inbox using Boomerang or turn emails into tasks with Asana. Just click settings in your Gmail account and go to add-ons to see the wide selections (of course you’ll also find a SignRequest add-on here).

3. Write good/well

Even the best writers among us can overlook a typo here and there. Not to mention the worst writers among us. For those moments when you don’t have anyone to proof your work, there is Grammarly. It will show you all the grammar and spelling mistakes you made including suggestions on comma placement (it’s a fan of the Oxford comma). I love the Chrome extensions which shows me how I’m messing up my Facebook posts, Tweets and much more. The downside, it doesn’t work with Google Docs yet so you have to copy/paste your text into the web version.

4. Under lock and key

The main threat to my existence used to be my password usage. I had 3 different ones which I used for everything without any clear system so I constantly forgot which password I used for what. I’m sure this sounds familiar to many. Not anymore! It all changed when I started using LastPass. This Chrome extension saves all your passwords and, my favorite part, it also generates very random, very safe new ones.

5. Easy collaboration

When you’re working together in a team, especially when this team is not always in the same place at the same time, you need a rock solid tool to manage everything. Slack is that tool. You chat, share, call, move people in and out and much more. You work in threads so everything is nicely organized and only shared with the necessary people either inside the team or external. It really is much more than a chat tool.

6. Signed, sealed, delivered

It might not be a surprise but at SignRequest, we love e-signatures. It is just so darn easy. Not only the signing of the documents is a breeze, you can also store all signed documents together and keep tabs on what you’re still waiting on. Use SignRequest Start if you only need something signed every now and then or try out Pro for free in a 2-week trial for the heavier lifting.