SignRequest has joined forces with Zapier to improve your workflow and give yourself an efficiency boost.

With Zapier you can create these amazing things called Zaps. A Zap lets one application talk to another to automate parts of your workflow. Create zaps between SignRequest and all kinds of other solutions such as Google forms.

You might use Google forms to gather information or let people sign up for your product or service. A zap can take this information and automatically send them your contract or another document for them to sign.
This is how you set up the Google Form to SignRequest zap.

Step 1: create Google Form

The first thing you need to do is create a Google Form.
Go to Responses and click the Google Sheets logo to log all the responses in a Google Spreadsheets file. Every new response will now be visible in the corresponding sheet.

Google Forms

Step 2: Create a template in SignRequest

All SignRequest Pro, Business or API users can create templates in their account. In your account go to Templates and choose Create Template. Here you can find a more detailed tutorial on how to create templates.

SignRequest Templates

Step 3: set up a Google Sheets to SignRequest Zap

If you don’t have one yet, create a free Zapier account. Then go to explore and set up the following zap:

Google sheets           → SignRequest

New Spreadsheet Row   → Send SignRequest From Template

Google Sheet SignRequest Zap

Step 4: connect the files

Now you can simply follow the Zapier steps to connect the right files with each other. Find a detailed step-by-step tutorial of how to do that below.

Now when anyone fills out your Google Form the template SignRequest will be sent to them within 15 minutes if you have a free or Starter account on Zapier or 5 minutes if you have a Professional account.  Bob’s your uncle, you’re all set!

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