The internet is everyday magic. The possibilities are endless and everything we have not yet invented simply seems a matter of time. Because collaboration is the cornerstone of almost every invention and innovation, let’s take a look at some tools invented to make working together easier.

Collaboration is mostly a matter of communication and alignment. Thanks to these five tools, this has never been easier.


Slack is in the first place a chat tool. In practice, it is so much more. For many a team, it has completely replaced internal email. Thanks to the different channels you can create, you can make sure that everyone will only receive messages that are actually relevant to them.
Slack has a free, as well as a paid version. The paid version comes with conference call features and a whole list of integrations. might be named after your least favourite day of the week, it is one of the best looking project management tools out there. It is slick yet colorful. helps you assign tasks and keep up to date with the process. The main downside of is the price. does not have a free version and the subscription options are significantly more expensive than the main alternative: Asana.


Asana and are very similar means to the same end. Both offer a good number of integrations but Asana wins here. Asana also offers a free plan, which is perfect for small teams or just to test the waters. An upgrade won’t hurt your wallet either.


SignRequest has been on a quest to eradicate PSS (Print, Sign, Scan) from the world. Thanks to this tool, working together with anyone anywhere in the world has become a breeze. Not only does SignRequest make the signing process quick and painless, but teams can also work together within the tool. Good for teams, good for clients and partners and good for the environment.


I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t use at least one or two Google apps. Whether it is Gmail, Calendar, Drive or, you know, Google itself, it’s hard to imagine business and teamwork without it. But there are also lesser known tools such as Jamboards, which allows you to have brainstorm sessions on your screen complete with drawings, sticky notes and pictures.

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