When I signed my first employment contract in the early 2000´s I did that in person on the premises of my next employer. Although email was becoming a commodity, contracts would still be signed in person and a copy was sent to your home address. As a matter of fact I recall that email at that time was an internal business thing, not so much used for external communication. I do not remember what I did with the contract, it might sit in an envelope boxed amongst other stuff you keep for the sake of sentiment.

Since my first job and in my career as a sales executive I have sent, received, chased, signed and declined lots of contracts. I´ve used faxes, post, scanners and printers and what else has been used the last decade. Since the start of this millennium there has been a tremendous change in the way we work. From desktops, desk phones, car phones, mainframes, client-server computing, faxes, paper, printers, scanners, onsite customer meetings and a fixed desk, to laptops, mobile devices, paperless offices, smartphones with business apps, flex desks, home offices and virtual meetings.

The internet has completely transformed the way we live and work. I can remember that in the end of a fiscal year in one of my previous jobs I had to get in the car and drive 4 hours back and forth to pick up a contract and get it booked once back in the office to get it closed for the year. Bad opportunity management? You bet! Could I have prevented this? Probably.

A year ago I joined SignRequest, a company in the business of digital contract management. I really embrace digitization, SignRequest is all about that. Our mission is to increase adoption of digital signatures and digital contract management. Our commitment to the accessibility and simplicity of SignRequest, with a focus on product development through customer experience are key to making this a successful journey.

Exciting times are ahead of SignRequest, our platform is matured, we are growing organically and speaking to a lot of vendors to integrate our technology into their platform. We believe the future of the way we work lies in the connected apps we use to conduct our business.

Yesterday I was fortunate to sent out a contract for such a partnership after mutually agreeing on the terms in a call, it took less than a minute to get it signed. Welcome to the digital era!