Getting a new contract inked can take a lot of time — more than a week on average. 

And the bigger the deal, the more people involved; ergo: the longer you have to wait.

That leaves ample room for administrative errors, lost documents, and delays before you can book the revenue. 

E-signatures can help sales teams close faster by shredding the paper and eliminating the manual processes required to sign on a dotted line. 

If that sounds good, e-signing gets even better when it’s paired with the world’s leading CRM platform.

Salesforce and SignRequest are a perfect match. Blend them, and you get a seamless sales and signature workflow that keeps opportunities moving faster through the funnel.

The benefits of blended functionality

Close all your deals in one place

Spend less time creating documents and more time focusing on new opportunities. By combining Salesforce and SignRequest you gain a shared space with ready-to-use document templates with pre-set that autofill the most recent customer, product, price, and opportunity data from your Salesforce contacts database. Even better, when you make a change to a Salesforce contact it syncs back automatically to your SignRequest template. 

Gain control

Salesforce with SignRequest gives you one cloud repository where you can manage and track all of your contracts, agreements, and orders. You can view the status of each document at a glance and know which ones have been signed and which haven't. When multiple signatures are required, you can also set an order of signatures. If some people need to sign while others only need to approve, you can indicate that in the email.

Collaborate more effectively

Integrating SignRequest with Salesforce lets you and your colleagues work together by giving everyone access to the most up-to-date document versions. SignRequest will track and date-stamp every Signature-related action in a document and tell you who took what action and when. Blend Salesforce with a SignRequest Teams account, and you can take contracts forward as a group, from send to final sign-off.  

Make sales more mobile

Businesses and business people are increasingly working remotely or on the move. When it comes to handling documents, many customers reach for their smartphones first. By adding SignRequest to Salesforce, you gain a secure, sophisticated solution that makes it easier for customers and prospects to sign contracts on the move. You cut the time from send to sign and countersign by letting customers handle documents conveniently wherever they are.

Make sales and marketing green

E-signing with SignRequest can dramatically reduce your reliance on paper and printer consumables. That’s good for the planet, while reducing the need for transporting documents by mail or courier cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. In a time when firms are coming under increasing scrutiny for their sustainable business practices, e-signatures can be part of a broader corporate commitment to achieving net-zero.

How to: Add SignRequest to Salesforce

The easiest way to blend the two systems is to access SignRequest from the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace. Log in using your Salesforce account credentials and type ‘SignRequest’ into the search bar to find the most up-to-date listing. 

Then you click the 'Get it now button. That will take you directly to the SignRequest-Salesforce page with installation instructions.

You’ll have two options, ‘Install in Production’ or install ‘as a Sandbox’. Install in Production assumes your configuration needs are pretty straightforward, and you want to have e-signature capability ‘live’ as soon as possible. 

Installing as a sandbox lets you test and trial the capability in a safe environment first to get the configuration absolutely spot on and ensure it's doing everything you want it to.

Find out more about both options, along with detailed instructions for installing and configuring SignRequest in Salesforce here.

How-to: Automate your e-signature workflow

Once you’ve added SignRequest to Salesforce, you can then kick things up a notch and create an automated signature workflow using the Salesforce Process Builder.

You can speed things up by adding standardized subject lines for new SignRequest emails, pre-fill signature request emails with standardized email text, and use merge fields to personalize the standard messaging to the recipient.

Other e-signing automation options inside Salesforce include:

  • Sending automatic reminders if a document isn't signed within a defined time frame. 
  • Setting a signing order when more than one recipient needs to sign
  • Setting a signer level, so recipients who only need to approve are asked to complete that actions, while people who need to provide signatures are asked to sign

And that’s not all. Find out more about the long list of automation options you can take advantage of here.

The power of integration

Today’s organizations use a lot of software. The average business has installed or signed up for 14 different applications.  For large enterprises, the number is even higher.

But many of the most popular tools we use each day can share functionality and blend neatly into a single workflow.

Along with Salesforce, SignRequest is pre-integrated with some of the most popular cloud platforms, from Google Workspace to TOPdesk. The underlying infrastructure behind SaaS solutions makes it easy for developers to connect the dots between productivity tools, so sales and marketing teams can focus on acquisition and retention.

To add e-signatures to an even broader set of tools, our Zapier integration gives you access to more than 2,000 sector-, profession-, and role-specific apps. That means you can drill down and automate even more e-signature workflow across the organization. 

Instead of using individual software platforms, wrap them together and use their blended functionality to work more efficiently.

Want to learn more? Take SignRequest’s Salesforce integration for a test drive. Or visit our Salesforce and SignRequest integration Wiki for a deeper dive.

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