An entrepreneur has to make a hundred decisions every single day. They carry responsibility and are the ones who reap the benefits from their successes. An entrepreneur is also a human being. This means that they simply can’t know it all. A partner to help lighten the mental load can be the secret sauce to their success.

It is easy to get lost in your passion for your business. You know every little nook and cranny of the company and have big ideas of where you are and where you want to go. However, your subjectivity does likely get the better of you on a regular basis which will cause you to lose track of the big picture. CEDEC works as an external eye, a sparring partner and impartial judge in those moments you need a reality check.

CEDEC helps entrepreneurs find their internal strengths, growth potential and provides a new vision on the market and their clients. All based on expertly conducted analyses. CEDEC builds lasting relationships with companies to facilitate growth and achieve business excellence.

As a company that has been around since 1965, CEDEC was used to dealing with a plethora of protocols and ancient procedures. One of those was the signing process both internally and when onboarding new clients. “The printing, signing and scanning was an absolute nightmare.
SignRequest has allowed us to streamline the process of signing documents, saving us steps. And with the API we have been able to integrate it with our internal system.”

Every customer is different and has needs specific to them. CEDEC is no different and SignRequest always works hard to try and find solutions that fit these needs.“Benjamin has been with us throughout the service assessment process to see if he meets our requirements. He is always there for any problems that may arise.”

We do not only think about the end-user when developing our signature solution. We have designed our API to be easy to implement for those folks behind the scenes.
“As a developer, the documentation of the API has made it very easy for us to integrate with our systems. The possibility to raise questions or see solutions from other users on GitHub, is another plus.”

We are only as good as the feedback we get from our users. CEDEC has been a great source in this respect.

“The response of the SignRequest team to our requests for the implementation of new features is great. Always ready to listen and improve their product for the best adaptation to their customers.”

Learn more about CEDEC and how they can help take your business to the next level.

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