We can tell you about all the ins and out of the SignRequest signature solution until the end of days but from time to time we like to give the stage to one of our users. Because who better to explain the impact SignRequest e-signatures have on a business than the people who use it every day? In this article, we share the story of Dance4Life and how they improved their business flow with the help of SignRequest.

Founded in 2003 in the Netherlands, Dance4Life started as a movement to raise awareness of AIDS. They found that the best way to teach young people about the risks of HIV/AIDS was through rhythm; everybody speaks the language of dance and song. The fire was lit and it spread quickly. Within no time they branched out to other countries and what started out as an awareness movement turned into a behavioral change model.

With such global growth come certain challenges. Before you can even start thinking about overcoming cultural differences, some very practical things need to be sorted. For instance, how do you get a contract signed by someone on the other end of the world who might not have access to a printer or scanner? How can you ensure the data security of donors when signing a contract? These kinds of matters, Dance4Life solves with the help of sponsors such as SignRequest. Businesses who gladly offer their products and services for free to support the good cause.

“You won’t find a scanner next to the PC in every country”

On a mission to protect young people

Unsafe sex is the number one threat to young people worldwide. Every day, teenagers around the world run the risk of:

  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • HIV infection
  • Sexual violence

Dance4Life set itself the goal of challenging and changing deep-rooted taboos and misinformation around these topics. But they also understood that adults cannot just swoop in and start telling teenagers what they can and can’t do. Enter Journey4Life. Journey4Life is an interactive curriculum with a strong focus on peer to peer learning. The curriculum was developed to empower and enlighten: the students are shown that they are in charge of their own bodies and boundaries.

Of course, Dance4Life does not stand alone in this fight. The NGO is backed by numerous donors helping out with money and resources. Oftentimes, this involves large sums of money that need to be dealt with in a secure and professional manner. Any number of things can go wrong when signing a contract with the old-fashioned print, sign and scan method. Security breaches are lurking around every corner. SignRequest’s e-signatures have helped Dance4Life professionalize the signing process. Contracts signed through SignRequest are legally binding and protected. This shows partners and donors they are dealing with an expert in their field and a company that knows what it’s doing.

“When large sums of money are involved, you need to show partners agreements are handled securely and professionally”

Disrupting the world of NGOs

Charities and NGOs everywhere have followed the same model for as long as we can remember: people who can miss a bit of their money, time or resources donate it to those who are in dire need of it.

With this model, most of the responsibility of identifying problems, creating solutions and allocating resources lies with the charities. And so does most of the power. It was high time for a reformation of this outdated model for sharing, supporting and helping. So Dance4Life took a little page out of the corporate world’s book. They became a franchise.

Local partners now pay Dance4Life a fee to carry out the brand and work in their respective regions. They know the area like nobody else and are very aware of the unique challenges people face. With their cultural knowledge and Dance4Life’s curriculum, they can put the mission in a local context. In this way, the partners have agency over the process in their own region with the responsibilities and power that come with it.

Franchise challenges overcome

While working together with franchisees in all corners of the world is exciting, it is easier said than done. An agreement needs to be drawn up and signed and in the past, this process often took weeks if not months to complete. When all you need is a little scribble at the bottom of a contract in order to get to the good work, this is a frustrating waste of time.

The whole print, sign and scan process is annoying enough to people working in a well-stocked office, it is downright impossible when there is no printer or scanner to be found. The last thing you want is for paper jams, power cuts, and data security matters to get in the way of changing the world.

“The last thing you want is for paper jams and power cuts to get in the way of changing the world”

Then someone mentioned SignRequest. Implementing SignRequest completely changed the signing process on both ends. Not only does neither party need a printer or scanner anymore, even a computer is unnecessary for the signing process. Any Dance4Life partner, anywhere in the world can now sign contracts on whichever device is more convenient for them.

In the world on NGOs more than anywhere else, people are conscious of their environmental footprint. Running a paperless office and helping others save paper is a simple and effective step to reduce this footprint in business. With the use of SignRequest, Dance4Life no longer has to print contracts to store them, everything is saved in one, secure spot. Not only saving Dance4Life time and paper but also storage.

Growing community

Thanks to sponsors such as SignRequest, Dance4Life can focus on what is really important: making the world a safer place for young people who have just started to discover themselves and each other.

Dance4Life set an ambitious goal of reaching 5 million young people with their educational programs by 2030. Keeping up the good work in the regions they’re already in, is not enough to reach this goal. Recently, the Journey4Life program has also been introduced in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as new areas.

Still, they have a long and exciting way ahead of them but with the help of brave young trainers, local partners, and a few e-signatures, young minds can be made safer, stronger and smarter.

Try SignRequest yourself for free and save time, space and paper just like Dance4Life.

Learn all about Dance4Life and their excellent cause here.

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