Small businesses can only sustain themselves and reach greater heights with the right team. A group of people working towards the same goal with a high level of motivation. It’s a big step to move from a one-person business or a small group of founders to actual employees. A step to be celebrated but also a step that can be daunting. Because how are you going to manage this “human capital”?

How will you find the right people for the right position? What rules and regulations apply? How can you help keep your staff healthy? These and many other questions need answers.

HR BUREAU to the rescue. They act as an external HR department for small to medium-sized businesses. All the perks of having the right knowledge and skills without the need for an actual HR department. They help these businesses and entrepreneurs with all of their HR related difficulties and opportunities. You’ll have less to worry about so you can focus on your core business.

“The process used to take days or even weeks.”

They offer HR as a Service, which is on a subscription basis or you can have them jump in and help out the moment you need it most. Even an interim HR professional is one of the possibilities, either long term or short.

This work does mean a lot of paperwork (contracts, letters etc). Sorting this out for all their different clients used to be quite the hassle. Getting all the contracts signed and stored on time. HR BUREAU prepared a contract, sent it to the manager, he/she would print it and hand it over to the CEO to sign it. Next, it needed to be signed by the employee, who, mind you, isn’t yet in-house. The contract had to be sent by mail. At the end of this contract dance, someone still had to scan it all and get it back to HR BUREAU. As you can imagine, this whole process took days or weeks.

“Now we just send it to everyone at the same time, they sign, we all get an email and we’re done.” It turns out that everyone is happy with electronic signing. It’s fast, easy and approachable. Even automatic reminders are sent, it’s so efficient.

“Even automatic reminders are sent. It’s so efficient.”

“At one point a client needed to renew all 500 contracts for their employees. They approached us and needed it done before the end of the week, this was on Wednesday. With the help of SignRequest we automated the process and finished well before the deadline.”

Do you have a small to medium-sized business in the Netherlands and do you want to find out how to worry less about your human capital and focus more on results? Check out HR BUREAU’s website or follow them on LinkedIn.