SignRequest offers much more than just getting contracts signed. It's a complete tool with contract storage and management. One aspect of contract management is the ability to track the status of a contract. Throughout the workflow you can view the status of a document in the overview of "My documents".

However, this means you will continuously have to check your account. We believed that could be better and simpler. Therefore you can now receive notifications by email or with Slack as soon as the status of a document changes and specify your own preferences when you would like a notification.


Keep track of what your signers are doing

With these notifications you can easily keep track of what your signers are doing and act accordingly (by calling or sending a reminder). These insights help many of our (API) users to get the documents signed even faster. Now it's also available for our free users!

SignRequest (currently) offers 6 types of notifications:

  • SignRequest email bouncedThe email could not be delivered, for example due to a full inbox or a typo.
  • Signer signedOne of the signers has signed the contract.
  • Signer viewed emailThe signer has opened the email.
  • Signer viewed documentThe signer has clicked on the link in the email to view the contract.
  • Document declinedThe signer has declined to sign the contract.
  • Document signedAll signers have signed the contract.

You can change the preferences for your notifications on your account page.

Electronic (digital) signature with Slack

Notifications with Slack

Notifications are normally sent by email, but it's also possible to receive them in your Slack channel. Slack is a communication (chat) tool that brings all your communication together in one place. The chats can be organized by topic, as well as private groups and direct messaging. You can use Slack for free. By integrating SignRequest with your Slack account you will be able to receive all notifications in your Slack account.

How to integrate Slack with SignRequest?

Follow these steps to integrate Slack with SignRequest in just a few clicks:

  1. Make sure you have a Slack account. Get one here.
  2. Go to your account page and click on the Slack button.
  3. If necessary, log in to your Slack account.
  4. Choose the channel for which you would like to receive the notifications. We recommend using the @SlackBot channel which is personal to you. That's it, you're done!