Happy users are what makes us happy. Offering our users the best possible electronic signing solutions is our reason for getting up in the morning. However, we understand that you want to look around a little before you decide to sign up with us or one of the other alternatives out there.

To help you figure out if SignRequest is the right place to be for you, we have put some facts and figures together. Here goes: an honest comparison.

DocuSign vs SignRequest: The money

DocuSign offers 3 different plans for $10, $25 and $40 per month respectively. All these prices are per user. On top of these options, DocuSign also offers an advanced solution with connectors, APIs and integrations. This comes at a custom price. There is a free option but this will only let you sign yourself and not send any documents.

SignRequest also has 3 standard plans. The biggest difference is that users with a limited signing need can use the solution for free, also for sending up to 10 documents. Our paid plans are $7 and $12 per user per month. We also offer bigger plans and integration with our API for a custom, but very competitive price.

All of the prices mentioned above are based on an annual subscription. Both DocuSign and SignRequest offer the option of paying per month. This will bring the highest fee of the normal plans up to $15 per licence for SignRequest vs $60 for DocuSign.

Why is the price difference so big?

SignRequest’s business model is based on high volumes, online marketing, word of mouth and an easy to use system. This means we have less need for expensive account managers and sales agents resulting in a lower price for our customers. This makes SignRequest the easy, secure and affordable alternative to the usual suspects.

A less complicated service does mean we might not offer all the features and options some of the other more expensive competitors do, but for many users who only need e-signatures, we’re more than enough.

The features

So, what do you get? Good question. To make a fair comparison, we will only look at the most important features of each company.

SignRequest vs DocuSign feature comparison
Feature comparison

The reviews

Maybe the most important part: what do the users say?
For this part, we looked at the reviews on G2Crowd. One thing is clear, DocuSign has a lot more reviews than SignRequest. They score very well with 4.5/5 stars from 1048 reviews. SignRequest has a 4.7/5 score with 236 reviews.

SignRequest scores a little better on how easy it is to use and setup. DocuSign scores slightly better on the signature process.

DocuSign vs. SignRequest reviews

DocuSign vs SignRequest: Conclusion

Overall, it seems like you have two very decent providers to choose from. The public certainly seems to think so. The biggest difference we can find is value for money. SignRequest is significantly less costly and still gives great value for money. What does DocuSign have extra? They have certainly been around longer and therefore carry the name.

The good thing is that it’s easy to test out both services during a trial or even for a few months with a monthly plan. Our advice: just get started and test out both options.

Now it’s up to you! Good luck.

(Disclaimer: the information on this page was retrieved from public sources and are based on the time of publishing. If any information is inaccurate please let us know and we'll update it.)

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