Every phase of the B2B funnel is vital, but the final steps are a knife-edge. delays can derail what looked like a perfect pitch. 

Even when the end is in sight, a lot can still go wrong.

Automating the B2B sales process eliminates loads of selling uncertainty. Make it easy for prospects to sign contracts and the interval between handshake and close drops from weeks to minutes — freeing-up time to focus on negotiations, build relationships, and nurture more leads. 

In this blog, we'll explain how automating the final steps in the sales process can help B2B sales teams speed up time-to-close. Adding e-signatures to sales & marketing tools like CRM is an important part of the equation.

Moving faster at the end of the funnel

There was a time when contracts for B2B deals had to be signed in ink by both parties. 

Today digital signatures are becoming the norm. They eliminate the uncertainties and extra steps around delivering paper, engaging couriers, taking scans and chasing-down emails.

E-signature software is fast, secure, and legally binding. They cut-through the uncertainties and delays that slow down the end-phase of the sales cycle. Some of the biggest sales teams on the planet rely on them to turn agreements into revenues quickly. What used to take weeks can now happen almost instantly. 

Cloud-based services like SignRequest provide a snapshot view of every contract sent & signed. Sales teams can see who opened and signed a contract, send automatic reminders, or prompt prospects to take action.

If you integrate e-signatures with other sales tools like custom profiles and real-time company data feeds, sales pros go out into the field armed with intelligence, and make more targeted decisions about how to convert prospects into customers. 

Our integration with Salesforce is a great example. While they’re managing relationships in the world’s leading CRM solution, sales execs can send documents directly from their Salesforce account when signatures are required. 

SignRequest’s API allows information about who’s received, viewed, and signed a document to be integrated into their Salesforce customer profile. That saves time, money and paper while giving salespeople vital visibility over activity. 

Installing Signrequest takes a matter of minutes. It's used by thousands of Salesforce customers every day, in over 25 countries and 17 languages.

When prospects are at the finish line and ready to convert, blending digital signing with Salesforce gives sales more power to spur them into action. 

No more waiting until a customer is at their desk to provide final sign-off. Contracts can be signed instantly — anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Avoid getting sandbagged at the finish line

When quarterly targets are in sight, increasing sales team productivity is vital. That means finding new ways to close more deals in less time. 

By integrating SignRequest with the rest of the sales & marketing stack, B2B sales teams can send contracts to every stakeholder in order to close deals faster. Then they can track who has received, viewed, and signed.

Contracts seal the bond between companies and customers. But their ritual significance means they’ve been ignored by digital transformation. 

Avoid getting sandbagged just when you’re about to cross the contract finish line. Sign up for a free trial of SignRequest, and see how it can streamline and bring more certainty to your sales cycle.

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