In recent months we’ve been working hard and made many (visible and invisible) improvements. All features are based on the feedback of our users, which as you know we highly appreciate. Thanks a lot for your help!

Under the hood a lot has changed as well, but here’s a short overview of the most interesting and visible updates. Some you might have seen or used already, others might be completely new.

Electronic Signature Automatic Reminder & Chat

Change the document name

If you reuse the same document multiple times you can change the file name which makes it much easier to find the correct documents in your documents overview. (Click on "Prepare document" for these extra options.)

Automatic reminders

Besides sending a manual reminder, you can now also send automatic reminders. While in the prepare view you can check the box to activate automatic reminders. SignRequest will automatically send the reminder after 3 days and an additional 3 times with a 5 day interval (so on day 3, 8, 13 and 18).

Only signers that haven’t signed the contract yet will receive the manual or automatic reminder.

Add attachments

It was already possible to add attachments while signing. Now you can also send a SignRequest with an attachment, like terms of use or a brochure.

Live chat

If you’re having any difficulties or questions you can easily ask assistance with our new live chat.

Get documents signed on your website

Electronic Signature Link on Website

Do you have a standard document on your website that needs to get signed? You can now create a signing link and add it to your website in just a few minutes. First, create a template. Second, generate the link. Third, add the link to your website.

Now all your visitors can instantly sign documents on your website with this very simple integration.

Templates & Bulk Send

Electronic Signature bulk send and template

We have templates for a while now, but it’s too important to skip… You can create a template that you can reuse as many times as you wish. This can help you a lot, because you don’t have to prepare every document you send. In addition, you can share the templates with all your team members. Just select “Templates” in the main menu to create a template. Templates are also the basis for our newest feature: Bulk Send.

Do you want to send a SignRequest to up to hundreds of signers at once? With the “Bulk send” feature that’s possible. After making a template (with one signer) you can choose “Bulk send” and upload a csv or excel file with the email addresses of all your signers.

Electronic Signature bulk send, upload excel or csv file

Call, email or use the new chat if you need any help with these or other features.