There are about a million and one technical solutions out there to make our work and lives easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. Most of these solutions eliminate the need to do all kinds of manual or, God forbid, analog tasks. Things like Skype, Slack, Trello and Whatsapp make sure we’ll never have to be in the same room with another person again if we choose to. At SignRequest we offer our own contribution to gearing business towards a future in which it doesn't matter where you are.

Working Remotely

With all this talk of remote work, it sometimes seems like we should all be working from home, Starbucks or Bali. This, of course, is not the case. Many, if not most, people enjoy working in a familiar place with their team members huddled around them.

Remote work is much more about having options. Being free to work at the office but also being able to skip traffic and start the day in your own living room. In your business, you might want to work with the best people even if they live in Ukraine (and you don’t). Or what if you just quickly need to sign a document while on holiday?

Elegant, simple online solutions make it accessible: the freedom to choose.

Interesting remote companies

A 2015 study from the Stanford University on remote work shows a whole range of benefits of this flexibility. Employees are more productive, less likely to call in sick and job attrition rates dropped drastically. Not to mention the cold hard cash saved on real estate and equipment investment.

Some well-established companies have acknowledged these benefits and have gone full remote, they don’t have an office space at all. Zapier is a great example of such a company. They even published a book about it: The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work. The book is a how-to on growing, managing and working with remote teams.
Other fully or partially remote companies are Automattic, Buffer and Trello.

Banning remote

On the other hand, there are also examples of companies that have called back their remote employees, killing the working from home possibility. Yahoo did exactly this in 2013. CEO Marissa Mayer says that working from home policies might increase productivity but working together in a physical location makes people more collaborative and inventive.

Remote at SignRequest

At SignRequest we have also looked at the pros and cons of a distributed team. Remote is not for everyone and has some downsides. Therefore we have given our team the choice, the freedom to make up their own mind about it. Some of us are happily making use of this by working from home or even abroad. Others have stayed in good old Amsterdam with all the collaborative possibilities that come with that.
What we do all agree on is that we want to contribute to a world in which it is possible to work together remotely. Our electronic signing solution helps people make formal agreements regardless of where they are based.

Get Remote

It might seem like an enormous transition from the safety of an office building to one that is merely digital. That’s why many companies are not 100% remote but offer their employees the option to work location independently. One way or another, thanks to tools like Slack, Google Drive and SignRequest we can all have the choice.