In difficult times we can all use a little inspiration. We always take a lot of inspiration from the exciting, beautiful, daring, or innovative endeavors our users manage to undertake with digital signatures. One of these inspiring e-signature stories comes from liveClinic. Their newest initiative helps support underserved populations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and electronic signatures are a critical component.

Expanding liveClinic’s vision

liveClinic was founded as a people-first medical technology firm in the USA, with a focus on packing advanced healthcare tech into software anyone can use. When the coronavirus began taking an unprecedented toll on US health systems, they realized they could combine their technology assets with licensed volunteer healthcare workers and connect with patients in need. They created the first-ever Virtual Field Clinic with a simple mission: Stop the spread and save supplies. By design, the Virtual Field Clinic is meant to overcome physical barriers, but during the initial days of volunteer recruitment, they received an unexpected call for help that took geographic challenges to entirely new levels. 

E-signatures: no boundaries

They spoke with the head of an emergency response team working to put protections in place for an especially vulnerable population. A Native American village with the closest medical facility almost 2 hours away - by air. With supply chains devastated, some native tribes have struggled to get even basic needs met. With no roads in or out of the village, one might be wondering: How is a village as remote as this at risk of COVID-19? The emergency response manager explained:

  • Native Americans represent one of the communities most at risk of COVID-19 in the US
  • Villagers live in small, multi-generational homes, with some families numbering over 15 people. With a virus as easily transmittable as this coronavirus, this could mean disaster
  • Between the difficult terrain, crippled supply lines, and limited resources, even basic healthcare supplies, such as thermometers and masks were almost non-existent

As the saying goes, you go to war with what you have, not what you need. And what the village did have was a few smartphones, weak internet connectivity and a drive to overcome the threat of extinction. This was just enough to start setting up liveClinic’s Virtual Field Clinic operations. The last obstacle: the required contractual formalities. 

Logo Virtual Field Clinic

Building trust with digital signatures

Healthcare is a human matter. This is especially so in remote communities whose histories support a measured amount of fear and suspension from outsiders. liveClinic had to make sure their contracts were easy to understand even for people who had never even seen a contract before. However, a good contract is not enough to build trust. The whole signing process needs to be patient-centered and unintimidating. 

Villagers needed a familiar method to understand how their unique tribal data was protected. Signatures mean something to them. A simple click-through agreement over-stuffed with legalese wasn’t going to work for a native tribe. It was unthinkable to require the tribe’s people to print, sign, and scan. They were struggling to procure gauze - where would they find the resources? 

Using SignRequest, signers are guided through the entire signing process, step-by-step. And, thanks to branding customization options signers always know who they are dealing with. liveClinic demonstrates their patient-centric ethos by going the extra mile for their patients with an optimized signing process

“We now make our service available to people who have never before signed a contract in their lives”

Handshake on a deal

Signing online on the edge of the world

When contracts need to be signed but the nearest scanner might very well be 60 miles away in Siberia, signing online is the only option. SignRequest turned out to be the solution. Not only can new patients sign all the necessary documents on the available smartphones, SignRequest is easy to navigate even for populations with lower technical fluency.

“Responding so quickly would not have been possible without SignRequest"

With SignRequest’s rapid response and exceptional customer support, liveClinic was immediately able to make service accessible to anyone, anywhere without sacrificing trust, compliance or ease-of-use.

This approach helps more than people - with contracts averaging seven pages each, this equates to saving thousands of pages of paper by signing online instead of printing - assuming printing is even an option.  To have printed and scanned in the village would have meant flying in paper, printers, scanners  and then sharing these facilities, increasing the risk of contamination further still. This process would have taken weeks if not months to complete. According to liveClinic, when delivering service to such remote populations, it is simply impossible to do. With SignRequest their contracts get signed within minutes

“Shame on us if we do not accept this pandemic situation as a catalyst for adopting remote technologies to deliver care that’s safer for patients and the people who treat them.”

Benefits of digital singatures for liveClinic
The benefits of digital signatures for liveClinic

Reaching millions more

In 2019 4.13 billion people had access to the internet with a smartphone or other device. The markets that digital onboarding opens up are enormous. liveClinic is already working to expand Virtual Field Clinic availability to underserved populations across the globe and keep it understandable, and accessible despite geographic or technological boundaries. Now that they have worked with SignRequest toward an optimized signing process, their service reach has few limits.

“We can access tens of millions more people thanks to SignRequest”

Save time, money, and resources and open up markets yourself with digital signatures. For many of your signers, it will make the difference between a smooth and welcoming onboarding process and a lot of wasted time.
Try SignRequest for free with our 14-day trial and experience the ease. 

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