At SignRequest we are so proud of our team that we simply can’t hide them any longer. We have to share them with the world. Because without these great minds, you’d all have to print, sign and scan. What a nightmare! Over the past few weeks, I have already introduced you to Benjamin and Daan. Today I would like you to meet Chris, the Eye of the Storm.

Before Chris joined SignRequest, we were a very internationally oriented but also a very Dutch team. Our international mindset screamed for diversification. That’s when we ran into Chris, an American developer who had just fallen in love with Amsterdam. A match made in heaven.
As with all developing tech companies, the SignRequest meetings can be full of ideas, questions, tech challenges and customer inquiries. We go around and get it all off our chest. Then we get to Chris. “Hey guys, yeah, it’s been a pretty good week. Looking forward to the next.” Surrounded by excitement, count on Chris to be calm as can be, the Eye of the Storm.

What made you decide to come work for SignRequest?

I came to Amsterdam after having spent the prior two and a half years nomading around. I immediately fell in love with the city and upon meeting the SignRequest team, things couldn’t have clicked into place any better. The extreme alignment between myself and the team on things such as workplace culture, work-life balance, and the product itself made the decision a no-brainer for me.

What does your day-to-day look like?

Just about the entirety of my time is dedicated to improving the SignRequest product, whether it be through new feature development or modernizing our tech stack. With how the team’s structured, there are limited distractions, which enables me to work with a focused intensity that I really enjoy.

When do you feel you have had a great day?

Any day where I’m able to make an improvement to the product, no matter how small, is a great one for me.

How does it feel to be the one American in a mostly Dutch Team?

As a credit to the team, it’s been a really smooth transition. The famed Dutch honesty and directness work extraordinarily well in the workplace. I especially admire the dedication and seriousness that is shown to Friday afternoon drinks, so much so that there’s a word for it — vrijmibos.

Any tips/trick/warnings for non-Dutch people working for a Dutch company?

Overall the workplace culture is more similar than different to the one I was accustomed to in the United States. There will of course be occasions when you won’t know what’s being said, but it usually doesn’t take more than a couple of words in English for the conversation to magically switch. Never be afraid to ask questions, in my experience people are always happy to explain things to you and you’ll come away having learned interesting tidbits of Dutch culture.

What is a passion project you’d love to work on?

We recently embarked on a project that I’m really passionate about, which is modernizing the front-end using technologies such as Vue.js. The front-end ecosystem has evolved considerably since when the product was first imagined, so I’m hoping that by applying these new technologies to the product will make it more stable, easier to use, and easier to improve going forward.

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