We are committed to making electronic signing with SignRequest a great experience. Your feedback helps a lot! We have thus added and changed some features to optimize your signing process. Learn all about these updates in this article.

Dropbox integration
With one simple setting, you can now automatically backup your signed documents in your Dropbox account. Of course, you will also still have access to them in your SignRequest account.

Improved email designs
The signing process will now be even easier with our new and improved email designs. It guides your signers through the process with extra explanations.

Signing log update
Not only did we improve the look and feel of the signing log, it now also contains a record of the message that accompanied your SignRequest.

Default signature
We changed the default signing method from drawing to typing, enhancing the ease of signing. You can change this back to drawing in your own account by disabling the type signature. Do let us know which you prefer! Find out how to change these settings here.

My documents
Find an easy overview of all SignRequests sent and received, including reminders, in My Documents. It now also includes the messages that accompanied the requests.

Required attachments
Make it mandatory for signers to add an attachment when signing. This used to be optional for signers. This will help you and them make sure they don’t forget the attachment. For more information have a look here.

Password security
You can now secure your documents with a password. The signers will have to provide this password to access the document you sent. This does require the sender to separately send the password to the signer.

Default team settings
In your team settings, it is possible to set a default landing page, subject line and message. It will always be possible to change these settings or overwrite the default in individual SignRequests. The landing page is what is shown after completing the signing process. This will be a good place to add a custom “Thank you”-message.

Bulk send
Automatically send a document to hundreds or even thousands of signers by using the new bulk send options e.g. easily importing data from Excel files.

Additional security
Double the security by adding two-factor authentication.