We have been longtime fans of Zapier. This wonderful platform lets you create zaps: translations between different online tools. Using zaps, you can make all the tools you use online work together. All the time and frustration you usually spend on mundane, manual tasks can now be put towards creating the perfect cheese souffle, for instance.

SignRequest was built with productivity and efficiency in mind. Thanks to our online signatures you don’t have to print, sign and scan anymore or wait around for your signers to finally send back that contract. But what is better than one efficient tool? Two efficient tools working together with the help of a third. Alright, that might make it sound more complex than it is. Really, once you get the hang of Zapier, you’ll love it.

Here are some zaps you can make with SignRequest.

Google Forms to SignRequest

This zap is perfect if you want to automatically send a SignRequest to survey respondents. Or if you want to collect some information about your signers before sending the SignRequest.

Who uses it?

John organizes weekly talent shows. On his website, he has a Google Form where performers can sign up. After performers sign up, they receive a contract to ensure they will show up for the gig and follow certain rules.

SignRequest to Slack

In your SignRequest account, you can personalize your notification settings. However, these notifications are all sent via email. Using a zap you can have all these also sent in Slack.

Who uses it?

Sophie’s sales team communicates predominantly through Slack. They have created a special celebratory channel, this is where an automatic message is posted whenever a new client signs their contract.

SignRequest to Trello

The signing of the contract of often just the start. Have tasks that follow the signing of a contract automatically added to a Trello board and never forget a step.

Who uses it?

Rahul is an event manager. Once a new client signs on, a list of standard tasks follow. He made a zap to add these tasks to Trello the moment he gets the Go.

ManyChat to SignRequest

Some companies prefer chatbots over email flows. With ManyChat you can build elaborate, interactive chat flows. Create a zap to automatically send a SignRequest with a Calendly zap trigger.

Who uses it?

Larissa uses chatbots to attract people to her online course. In the chat, people can click a button when they want to sign up. This triggers a zap that sends the new students a SignRequest.

Calendly to SignRequest

Setting up meetings manually is no longer necessary. With Calendly, people can simply choose an available slot in your calendar and book it right away. With Zapier you can send them SignRequest as soon as they’ve booked their slot.

Who uses it?

Joel is a high paid business coach. New clients book their slot for the first session online using Calendly. Once the meeting is confirmed, an automatic SignRequest is sent.

Over 1500 apps are currently connected to Zapier. All of these can, in turn, be linked to SignRequest. Watch the tutorial below to familiarize yourself with creating zaps and start experimenting.

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