2020, we won’t miss you. But there’s no point dwelling on the past. It’s time to clear the decks and prepare for better things – growth, stability, new customers, and new hires.

Still, there’s some baggage to put away first. For many of us, home now looks like the office and the office looks a lot like home. Where do you draw the line? Getting organized and protecting productivity are more important than ever.

With so much collaboration happening online, keeping workflow digital will be a basic requirement, and just as practical as to-do lists and project plans. Here are six tips to help you get rid of manual processes you don’t need and make your new year more seamless and connected.

Never lose important documents again

Keep signed and original copies of all the documents you send out for signing in one place. SignRequest gives you a single repository to manage, track, and store all your documents. You can see the status of each document at a glance, know what action has been taken, and see what’s still required.

When you sign up for SignRequest, we create a My Documents hub where all the documents you’ve sent are kept, with a log and audit trail attached to each one. Every document has a unique document ID. You’ll see quickly what’s been sent, viewed, signed, declined, cancelled, or ‘still waiting.’

Connect the productivity tools you use every day 

Many of the most popular applications we use each day can connect and share functionality, making it easier to blend them all neatly into your normal workflow.

At SignRequest our e-signature solutions integrate with some of the most popular apps out there, from Google’s G Suite to Salesforce, Dropbox, M-Files, and more. We’ve done the work and connected the dots, so you can focus on growth. 

With our Google Apps integration, you can sign documents directly from Gmail or inside Google Docs. Just enable SignRequest in any Google doc and store them automatically in your Google Drive folder. 

Alongside some of the biggest names, we’ve also enabled more than 2,000 integrations with Zapier. That means you can fully automate your e-signature flow with Zapier’s extensive list of sector-specific apps. You can send SignRequests or let a signed Zapier document trigger the next step in your sales process. 

Connect more closely with the people you work with every day

With SignRequest team accounts you’ll be able to work closely with colleagues on the most complex documents and contracts, ensuring everyone has access to the correct versions and templates they need. We’ll keep track of who took what action. 

You can switch between your personal account and team account at any time. We also offer branding features that allow you to customize your documents with logos, fonts, and colors.

Save time and ensure consistency with document templates

Document templates can be a huge time saver, and when essential clauses and wording need to be included every time, they provide assurance that documents are being created consistently, no matter which team member is the author. 

SignRequest lets you create a document once and save it forever as a template. Along with standard content you can even add features to the template like signing order, default message, and notification settings.

With template tags you can add data and fields to a base document in whatever format you prefer — PDF, Word doc, Google Doc, etc.

Hit document deadlines and keep timelines on track

Let SignRequest ensure all your documents out for signature stay on the radar with automatic or manual reminders. Go to the My Documents section of your profile and you’ll see a snapshot overview of all the documents you’ve sent, what the status is, and which ones require further action. 

With notifications we keep track of your deadlines, so you don’t have to. You’ll be updated about every step in the e-signing process whenever an action has been taken. You can also personalize your notification settings to focus on the updates you need to know.

You can also add text message verification for extra security on your most time-sensitive or confidential documents. You’ll receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS which the document recipient will have to provide before they can add their digital signature.

Speed up and simplify with e-signatures

Obtaining sign-off on all the contracts and approval forms we process every day can be time-consuming, and there’s a lot of room for error and delay. E-signing saves time and effort by making the manual processes required to send paper documents to & from fully digital. When big sales or new hires are on the line, digital signatures make it easier to close the deal. 

  • They’re legally binding – Fully compliant with US and EU e-signature laws
  • They’re fast – E-signing takes seconds and documents arrive instantly
  • They enable sales – No more waiting for customers to return to their desks
  • They’re sustainable – We plant a tree for every paid sign-up

Let SignRequest set you up for a productive 2021

If you’re looking for new ways to get organized and re-set yourself for whatever the new year brings, SignRequest is worth a look. We’re built on the belief that e-signatures should do the basics brilliantly, with scalable pricing that’s cost-effective for organizations of every size.  

We make digital signatures simple, fast, and easy to use on any device. They’re also secure and legally binding. That’s why businesses from solopreneurs to Fortune 500s use us every day. They get all the key features and benefits of great e-signing — without breaking the bank.

Give SignRequest a go

Learn more about what SignRequest can do for you on our features page. Or sign up for a free trial.

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