According to EU law, travelers are entitled to a refund if their flight is delayed or canceled without due notice. But making sure you actually receive the refund, can be a painful, long and bureaucratic process. The German company Flight Refund takes on these cases and places the claims on behalf of the traveler. This involves so much paperwork and so many digital signatures that a fully integrated and automated signing process is essential.

Flight Refund helps travelers get their money back using their expert legal team, years of experience and direct lines of communication with many airlines. Travelers whose flights were delayed more than 3 hours, or even canceled, apply on the Flight Refund website. Here they answer questions about their case and the system automatically determines if the customer is entitled to a refund. They can then choose if they want an automatically determined pay out right away, or wait for the case to be resolved and get the full refund minus Flight Refund’s commission. There is a lot to agree on which always results in paperwork and signatures. 

Don’t let signatures halt your growth

Flight Refund might be a German business but they operate on a global scale. This can result in pretty complex claims. How about a travel company of 6 with 2 people coming from Hong Kong, 1 from Cape Town, and the other 3 scattered across Europe? Flight Refund is happy to take on the challenge but bureaucracy can easily get in the way of scalability in such cases. Each individual will have to sign the claim and the contract with Flight Refund before the claiming process can begin. 

While electronic signatures do speed up the signing process significantly, a web app still requires hands-on action. Flight Refund needed a fully automated and integrated system and the SignRequest e-signature API was the solution. 

With the SignRequest API, users sign and send SignRequests straight from their own website, DMS or CRM system. API integration allows for a lot more customization and helps skip a lot of steps in the signing process.

“The prices of the big names were not comparable to SignRequest’s and neither was the service. SignRequest was just better”

Automated e-signatures in only 90 minutes

For Michael Schmitz, CEO of Flight Refund, SignRequest was the obvious choice because no other solution was nearly as affordable. On top of that, Schmitz has been very impressed with the service he received from our team. “Thanks to SignRequest’s people we had the API up and running within 90 minutes.” 

Now, customers fill out their information on the website and can immediately sign an automatically generated contract from the same interface. This saves all parties a lot of time and gives Flight Refund a professional and reliable feel. 

“The SignRequest API doubled our conversion rate. We went from break-even to highly profitable in no time”

But are digital signatures legally binding?

Many businesses new to electronic signatures wonder about the legality of e-signatures. Do digitally signed contracts hold up in court? Can legal documents be signed using electronic signatures? From experience, Michael Schmitz can say: yes! Flight Refund has been going to court with e-signed contracts all over the world for years without any problems. 

“The SignRequest API is solid and reliable, both as a system and in court,” says Schmitz. Since its integration two years ago, the API has been running without any need for interference from Flight Refund.

A new world, new travel claims

The current global health crisis has completely changed, if not temporarily wiped out, the travel industry. Flight Refund had now rolled out an additional service in Germany: refunds for full travel packages. Customers get back thousands of Euros for that once in a lifetime trip that will never happen thanks to Flight Refund. It only takes an e-signature.

Learn more about Flight Refund and get your money back here.

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“Just a little bit of time invested up front gets you a super reliable API system that saves loads of time”

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