Tom and Anna lived a good life. They met at the tech company they both worked for. When they locked eyes over deviled eggs at the Friday lunch buffet, they both knew they’d found what they had been looking for. Anna loved her job but Tom needed a change of pace. After looking around for a few months he found a great job at a company on the other side of the country. No problem! They were more than happy to let him work from home. All he had to do was sign the contract. This is where it all went wrong…

Tom set out to print the contract in order to sign it, scan it and send it back. What he thought would be a 5-minute task, got really ugly really quickly. The printer was out of toner, suffering a paper jam, said it could not connect to the computer, just ignored any print jobs and then spit out 67 pages of ink smudges. With every issue, Tom’s patience ran thinner and thinner. He started screaming, kicked the printer and pulled out strands of his hair.

Six weeks later he had still not managed to print the document. He now slept next to the printer, softly talking to himself. The opportunity to work for that great marketing agency had come and gone. He had lost all interest in food, he just chewed on printer paper. His hands and clothes were stained with toner and he kept repeating “print, sign, scan” over and over to no-one in particular.

At first, Anna was very supportive. She went out to buy toner, googled solutions to all the different printer issues and held Tom when he was crying inconsolably. But the further he sank into his printer obsession, the further she felt he was drifting away from her. The moment he did not recognize her at all anymore was the moment she knew she had to let him go. She packed her bags and put a leash on Turtles the Labradoodle and closed the front door behind her for the last time.

With no job or even real sign of life to speak of, it didn’t take before Tom was kicked out of his house. He picked up his defective printer and started aimlessly roaming the streets.
“Print, sign, scan. Print, sign, scan.”
This is how one of the SignRequest developers found him last Tuesday.
“Oh, but that’s no problem! No printer needed. Just upload, sign, and send using SignRequest. It’s really easy and free too. Let me show you.”

Tom has started his recovery and we have high hopes that he will get back on his feet. Unfortunately, too many people are not this lucky. Don’t fall victim to Print, Sign, Scan (PSS) and help us spread awareness about the alternatives.

Learn more and start your own rehabilitation here.

The names of all the fictional characters in this article have been changed for privacy reasons.

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