Two heads are better than one, many hands make light work and alone you can do a little, together we can do a lot. Teamwork is the cornerstone of success, many agree. When investors are looking into new startups, the team is often more important than the idea. Because even a mediocre idea can become a big success with the right group of people behind it. But without a stellar crew, any great concept can flop.

When you’re in need of a team quickly because the business is growing rapidly or because you’re about to start a new project, rash decisions are easily made. Just make a list of positions that need filling, find people with the right set of skills and go. This might just be a recipe for disaster. It turns out, people are so much more than simply a set of skill. They have ideas, beliefs, backgrounds, cultures, fears and dreams. Some important things to take into consideration when putting together that dream team.


One of the biggest pitfalls when hiring new talent is hiring people who look like you. These people likely think like you, communicate in the same way and agree with most of your ideas. They will also make the same mistakes, overlook the same opportunities and avoid the same conversations you do. Having a diverse team might not always be the easiest thing in your day to day activities, it will almost certainly take your product or service to new heights. This is a good reason to choose the LGBTQ, middle-aged, non-white or otherwise “different” candidate next time.


This is a tricky one because many new companies or teams have no idea what they want their culture to be. You will first need to define this for yourself before you can find the right fit. What is the number one priority of this team? A group of people that is fully focused on offering the best possible customer experience will not be the most cost-efficient team. Just like a team that’s ready to innovate won’t want to do everything according to the rules and traditions. During the interviews, you want to look out for the cultural fit of team and members.

Invest in People

Give them what they need

Just like in culture and background, we’re all different in the way we work. While most traditional companies still like to push their employees into a cubicle in the morning to release them again 9 hours later, we now know that this simply does not work for everyone. Ask your team what they need in order to be the best possible version of themselves while doing their job. One person works best in silence and hates being disturbed in the morning and others need regular sparring and brainstorm sessions. Accommodate as many of these needs as possible.


Most people love learning new things. It brings new perspectives, new inspiration and, when taking an external workshop, new connections. All very beneficial for both the individual as the team. Talk to your team about what they want to learn, in what fields they need further development and what might inspire them.

Putting together a stellar group of people is no easy task but a malfunctioning team is a true nightmare. Did you find some excellent candidates you would like to offer a contract? Simply have them sign electronically using SignRequest and the real work can begin.

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