Do you want to get the same contract electronically signed multiple times by different signers? In that case it’s a hassle to add fields to the contract every time. Therefore, it’s possible to create a contract (template) in which the fields are automatically added. It takes a few minutes to create and test the template, but when done it makes working with SignRequest easier and faster. At first, it might scare you a bit, but you’ll see it’s actually pretty simple :). If you need help, just contact us.

How to add tags

Tags are a way in which you can add data to a contract that are automatically recognized by SignRequest.
In this example we use two signers, if less signers are added to the SignRequest by default these will not be shown. So to test and view all tags, we advise you to add at least 2 email addresses.
You can open the tag with " [[ " and close the tag with " ]] ". To create a text field use " t ", for a date field use " d " and for a signature field use " s ". Then, add a " | " and a number for every different user.


  • You can change the size of the text, date and signature fields by adjusting the size of the font and adding spaces.
  • The font color of the tags should be made white, so they aren't visible in the contract. (If you select the text, ctrl all, they will be visible.)
  • You should keep distance between the tags. Preferably an enter or a proper line height. While making a template please be sure to test, before sending to contacts.


Signer 0: this is the first person that needs to sign (including you).

Template tags

Signer 1: this is the second person that needs to sign (including you).

Template tags signing order

The result in SignRequest:

Template tags SignRequest

How to make a field optional or required

By default the text fields and signature fields are required. The checkbox field can be skipped by default.

To make the text or date fields optional instead of required you can add “r:0” to the tags, as follows:

Text field: [[t|1|r:0]]
Date field: [[d|1|r:0]]

To make the checkbox fields mandatory you can add “r:1” to the tags, as follows:

Checkbox field: [[c|1|r:1]]

How to add a name to the fields

You can also add a name to the fields by adding “n:examplename”. Currently that name is only visible in the pop-up window after clicking on the field. In the future we will also add that name to the field thus replacing “Text”.

Text field: [[t|1|n:examplename]]
Text field: [[t|1|r:0|n:examplename]]

Start testing yourself

You can quickly test this feature with our example document. This is a shared Google Docs document with example tags. If you have our Google Docs add-on you can directly send a SignRequest!

If you don't have our Google Docs Add-on for electronic signatures, go to "Add-ons" in the Google Docs menu bar and install the Add-on for free. Then, go back to "Add-ons" and click "SignRequest".

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