Mobile e-signing is included in every SignRequest plan. Here's how to make the most of it

Tech companies have been talking up business process automation (BPA) for ages — and it turns out they were right. Letting software and machine learning handle our most repetitive, paper-based, spreadsheet-laden, and manual office tasks is pretty much the norm now. 

Automation is still associated with desktop computing, even though more and more business workflow is happening on handsets, from ordering B2B products and services to approving invoices and generating reports.  

Even as BPA takes hold, smartphones and mobile apps are getting better at helping stakeholders manage critical business tasks with a few taps and swipes. So much so that smartphones have become our go-to business computing devices

It’s no surprise then that e-signing is going mobile too. It just makes sense to handle document related-tasks like signing off contracts, managing approvals, or submitting forms on mobile.

But how do you do it? Can signing something as complex as a purchasing or employment contract be managed from an iPhone? Would it even be seen as legitimate? The answer to all these questions is a big 'yes’. 

Mobile, legal, seamless, and quick — really quick

First up, e-signatures are secure and legally binding, and are recognized in both US and European legislation. Regulators and lawmakers have realized that e-signing is the future. The drivers behind it are easy to grasp.

Obtaining sign-off on all the contracts and approval forms we process every day consumes a lot of unproductive time — loads of it. A 2020 survey by Ademero found that 45 percent of companies take more than a week to get a contract signed. That leaves too much room for admin error, damaged documents, errors, and delays. 

E-signatures can save time and effort by digitizing the manual processes required to send and get back signed paper documents. Fewer physical links in the approval chain make things more seamless.

At SignRequest, our e-signature solutions are integrated with some of the most popular mobile business apps, like Salesforce, M-Files, and more. We’ve connected the dots, making it easier to unify all your cloud-based workflow in the palm of your hand.

For example, with our Google Workspace integration, you can send a SignRequest from a Google Doc or inside Gmail. Just switch on the SignRequest plugin in the workspace app you use.

Locating, organizing and editing documents is a time-consuming hassle that can leave you frustrated and unproductive. On average, employees spend up to 18 minutes looking for a lost file. It gets worse if you’re relying on hard copies. 

When you sign up to SignRequest, you create a single vault where every document you’ve sent is stored, along with the audit trail attached to each one.

And new content creation gets easier too. Templates let you create new documents easily — with all the essential wording and phrasing already in place. That's a significant advantage when you’re doing creation on a mobile device. And even if you do need to sit down at a keyboard later to finalize details, you can start the draft on mobile.

Finally, at the end of a sales funnel, when big sales are on the line, e-signing makes it easier to start the final process and seal the deal. Handling e-signatures on smartphones speeds things up even more.

How to sign documents on mobile with SignRequest

If you already use SignRequest on a desktop PC, then you know how to use it on mobile. Just go to the SignRequest site using your smartphone or tablet web browser, log in to your account, and follow the same steps:

  • Add or upload the document to be signed.
  • Create a signature flow from your contacts list.
  • Choose who needs to sign what and indicate where.
  • Sign yourself (if needed).
  • Send the document to the recipients in your signature flow
  • Receive the signed document back, or view the activity log while you wait to see what action has been taken

Check out the detailed tutorial here to find out more. If you aren't sure about the quality of your mobile electronic signature, the video here will explain how to create a new one using your touch screen.

Why e-sign on mobile?

  • It’s quick: mobile e-signatures take seconds to execute, and e-signature requests arrive instantly — with a handy in-box notification to the recipient.
  • It’s legally binding: Digital signatures are fully compliant with EU and American e-signature laws.
  • It enables sales: no more waiting for customers to log in to their PCs.
  • It’s green: at SignRequest, we plant a tree every time a new customer signs up for a paid plan and you won’t need to use any paper

Want to know more?

Watch the video. Or sign up for a trial using your smartphone today.

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