SignRequest lets you send and sign documents online, so much is clear. But what do we mean by signing? With the good old print, sign and scan method this meant you had to draw a signature that corresponds with the signature that you use everywhere else. However, here, in the future, that is no longer what makes the contract binding.

Looks don’t matter

Recently, we have changed the default signing method from drawing a signature to typing your name. This might seem counterintuitive because we are so used to scribbling down our signature. After all, the appearance of your signature is proof of your agreement to the contents of the document.
Not anymore. With e-signatures, it does not matter what your signature looks like.
You can just type your name in our standard font or choose one of the automatically generated signatures.

SignRequest Generated Signatures

What proves the authenticity?

Rather than the signature itself, it is the digital information that is stored in it, that proves authenticity.
In the digital document, we store all the information regarding the document such as email addresses, dates and times and IP addresses. The combination of all this makes the electronic signature secure, legally binding and more reliable than a hard copy signature.
On top of all that we ad certificates and encryptions that ensure the validity and authenticity of the signatures.

Much safer

Thanks to all the information stored in a digital signature, e-signatures are much more reliable than wet signatures. There is another reason why it is more secure, though.
If you send a document to be signed the old fashioned way (per mail or to be printed, signed and scanned), nothing can ensure you that the receiving party does not change anything about the contract before signing.
This is impossible with SignRequest. All parties will always sign the exact same document without the possibility of making any adjustments in the process. If adjustments need to be made, a new document needs to be drafted and sent to all parties involved.

Security is SignRequest’s priority. Read all about our security and legality on our website. Or send your first SignRequest here for free.

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