Info-workers have tasted digital freedom and the office 9-to-5 is coming to an end. For enterprises, it’s more important than ever to join-up document processes with reliable vendors you can trust.

It’s time to let go of the fear. After a year where entire organizations were operating remotely, worries about work-from-home mandates denting productivity look pretty out-dated. 

Not only did business keep going, in many cases productivity went up, and companies were handed a golden opportunity to rethink how they get things done. 

The chance to work untethered to the office became an expectation rather than a nice-to-have. Enabling hybrid work environments, however, wasn’t (and still isn’t) straightforward. 

  • Employees now spend most of their day creating or editing digital content. 
  • When something goes missing they can spend up to 5 hours a week searching for documents (Source: IDC - Information Worker Survey 2020)
  • In some businesses, employees jump between apps more than 1,000 times a day 

They need productivity tools that are easy to use, complement one another, and streamline as many document processes as possible.

A recent report from Accenture says three-quarters of executives now believe the right technology architecture is critical to the success of their businesses. But with so many vendors and solutions to choose from, how do you weave together the optimal mix?

This blog will explain how enterprises can make trustworthy e-signing solutions the centrepiece of today’s fully connected office tech stack. 

Creating a frictionless signature flow

If the tools in a workflow are disconnected, it becomes a source of friction and frustration. Switching back and forth between programs can force employees to accommodate multiple UI environments just to complete a single task. 

When it comes to getting signatures on forms and contracts, that can be a big drag on productivity, wasting time and distracting people from focusing on more value-added tasks.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Many of the most popular office applications are cloud-based, meaning they can be connected via APIs to share functionality and blend into one frictionless workflow.

At SignRequest, our e-signature solutions work with some of the most popular apps out there, from Salesforce to Google Workspace, Dropbox, M-Files, Box and more. We’ve done the work and connected the dots, so you can focus on keeping IT operations smooth.

Google is one great example. Employees can sign documents directly from Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Gmail. For apps that are more sector-focused or simplify particularly complex tasks, we’ve also enabled more than 2,000 integrations with Zapier. 

You can send SignRequests from inside the app interface or set up a signed Zapier document to trigger the next step in a sales or approvals process. 

Stay focused on what really matters

With a SignRequest Business Plan, you can scale company-wide document processes and automate signature workflow securely, quickly and effectively. We automate the tedious tasks so you can focus on delivery.

Use SignRequest in the cloud or integrate it seamlessly with your systems. We offer an affordable, flexible and easy to integrate API solution for all your digital signature needs. Send and sign online straight from your website, CMS, DMS or CRM systems.

Let customers sign forms directly from your website, send documents from your internal systems or fully integrate SignRequest with your cloud solution.

Connect apps. Connect people

SignRequest Team accounts enable colleagues to work closely on the most complex documents and contracts, ensuring everyone has access to the correct versions and templates they need. 

Individual users can switch between Personal and Team accounts at will. Templates and customization features let everyone work faster while ensuring consistency in content and branding — no matter who does the authoring.

Adding capability with SignRequest’s API

Recruitee’s popular Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps recruiters and HR talent teams manage applicants more effectively. 

E-signing from SignRequest is a vital feature that helps keep applicants engaged from first contact to final onboarding. Digital signatures make firming-up offers and contracts lightning-fast, adding real value to Recruitee’s offer.

‘SignRequest has one of the easier e-signature API’s to navigate, and we’re delighted with the integration. The important thing was to make it easy for our customers to set up and use SignRequest in their hiring process. That’s definitely been achieved.’

—Adam Hodowany, head of integrations, Recruitee

Buy from a vendor you can trust

SignRequest is one of the most highly-rated e-signature solutions on popular software rating sites like G2. We’re built on the belief that e-signatures should do the basics brilliantly, with scalable pricing that’s cost-effective for organizations of every size.

On performance and reliability metrics — ease of setup, ease of use, and performance and reliability — we outpace the competition (see chart).

SignRequest is one of the most highly-rated e-signature solutions

That’s why businesses from Fortune 500s to SMEs rely on us to smooth their signature and document workflow. They get all the business benefits of e-signing without massive upfront investment or embarking on a months-long integration project.

Don’t disconnect digital transformation

Digital transformation is on the march, and many businesses are still trying to chart the best path through uncharted territory. The last 18 months have forced IT teams to re-consider planned investments and re-evaluate their roadmaps. 

If you’re focused on optimizing how now-dispersed teams operate, get in touch. We’d be glad to hear your requirements and help you find the right solution.

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