Nobody can be expected to know everything. Portabase offers highly specialized software for the daycare industry. They know their field like the back of their hand but when it came to e-signatures, they wanted a partner who understands online signing like Portabase understands daycare software. SignRequest turned out to be the perfect integration partner. 

Portabase is a completely web-based software solution for the daycare industry. In the webapp, day care centers can take care of everything from invoicing and scheduling to automated reports and contracts. There is also a dedicated app for parents where they can request planning changes and find pictures of their child uploaded by the daycare staff. Of course, fully automated and secure digital signatures between daycare facilities and parents are an essential part of the software. While Portabase has an expert development team in-house, e-signature software is so specialized, they decided to find this piece of the puzzle elsewhere. 

Portabase & SignRequest

E-signature SaaS partner

Offering electronic signatures as part of your software service can give your product a lot more substance. It means that users can finalize agreements made with the help of the software within the software, making it a truly A to Z product. However, digital signatures can be a precarious addition. Everything has to be just right on both the legal and security fronts, something that takes a wealth of in-depth knowledge and many man hours to perfect. 

For Portabase the next step was therefore a no-brainer: integrate the existing SignRequest software with the Portabase product using our Rest API. The integration is seamless and customers who use e-signatures within Portabase, will experience it as a Portabase feature rather than a separate application.

Portabase was an early adopter of the SignRequest API. The extensive client library that we have now, did not exist yet. It, therefore, took Portabase 4 days to fully integrate SignRequest into their software. Which is a far cry from the hundreds of hours it would have taken to build a similar feature themselves.

“SignRequest offers such a stable and safe solution, it would have been foolish to build it ourselves”

The legality of e-signatures

Including SignRequest in the Portabase solution has significantly lowered customers’ threshold to start using electronic signatures. “The use of a third party system including the signing log, gives the e-signature feature the credibility needed to convince our customers that electronic signatures are the way to sign,” said Daniël Oosterhuis, technical director of Portabase.

“SignRequest usage has been steadily climbing. Currently, around 70.000 documents are being sent every year.”

Now, when customers approach the Portabase team with legality and security queries, the team can redirect them to the SignRequest website. After all, this is what we devote our full attention to, there is no need for our customers to do all the research when we have done it for them. Five years into the Portabase and SignRequest partnership, no contract signed with a SignRequest e-signature in the Portabase application has ever been disputed and we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of documents.

“Building and maintaining the e-signature feature ourselves would have taken hundreds of hours and it still wouldn’t be as good as the SignRequest API”

We do the e-signing

In the end, Portabase and SignRequest have one and the same goal: facilitating our customers to work in the most efficient way possible and let technology take over the tedious work. “We see that our customers are starting to work much more efficiently thanks to SignRequest. Of course, this reflects really well on our product,” Oosterhuis says. “We’ve been able to add a lot of value to our product by offering digital signatures, we also see that returned.”

“The use of e-signatures easily saves our customers 2 euros per agreement”

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