SignRequest is all about the paperless lifestyle. Reducing paper waste and saving money and the rainforests in the process is one of our main reasons for existence. However, when you ban paper from your life, you’ll need other ways to manage your documents.

If you ask us, it is just a matter of time before all business will be done paperlessly. First of all, the planet needs us to do so and quickly too. Currently, paper accounts for 40% of total waste in the USA. But there are also some very good selfish reasons to drastically reduce our use of paper. It saves space and money and most online solutions for document management are so much more convenient than working with hardcopy. You won’t easily lose any important files and remote collaboration is a breeze. What else could we ask for?

Here are some of our favorite document management software solutions out there.


Google Docs

There’s very little to explain about this tool. Create and modify documents where-ever you are from any device. Your work is automatically stored and you can work together in real-time on the same document. All for free.

Google Jamboard

A recent favorite has been Jamboard. It is especially useful for mapping processes, brainstorm sessions, and journeys. As with all Google tools, it is easy to share work and collaborate with team members.

Storing and Sharing


For a very long time, Dropbox was the absolute crowd-pleaser of the cloud storage options. These days, Google Drive has taken over in popularity but Dropbox still holds some benefits over Google, especially when it comes to sharing. Dropbox offers more advanced features for sharing files such as password protection and expiration dates.

Google Drive

Where Dropbox wins when it comes to sharing files, Google Drive wins the pricing and security battle. It also stores photos and videos more easily with Google Photo. Together with all the other Google apps that are connected to Drive, Google offers an experience that is really hard to beat.

Signing and sending


For decades we’ve had to print, sign and scan and that is just asking for all kinds of trouble. Printers run out of toner, scanners refuse to connect and pens are nowhere to be found. E-signatures are the only present and future we should all want to live in. Send your first SignRequest here.

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