SignRequest has been helping companies around the world save paper and reduce waste for years. We love talking about paperless offices and providing the tools to make it happen. But we’ve also been feeling the itch to do more. Slowing down deforestation is not enough, we want to help rebuild. So we partnered up with Eden Projects to plant a tree for each new paid license. This is on us. Because we believe in giving back and truly care about the environment.

SignRequest and the planet

SignRequest was born out of the frustration for the old-fashioned print, sign, scan-method. Not only did this method waste a lot of time and energy, it also resulted in a lot of needless paper waste. With technology being the wonder that it is, we knew there was a way to safely sign contracts without this strain on both us and the environment.

Ever since then, we’ve been spreading the word of the paperless office. Many companies have the ambition to run a more sustainable business but are not entirely sure where to start. Eliminating paper waste is a great and very feasible first step. We know how it’s done and have always passionately shared our knowledge.

Reducing paper waste is of immense importance to all of us because we are running out of natural resources at a dizzying speed. We are currently on track to push our planet into rainforest-bankruptcy. If we keep going down this path, only 10% of our rainforests might be left by 2030.

With that in mind, we knew that running a paperless office is a great start but nothing more than a start. It’s time for some serious action to replant these demolished forests and bring new life to our planet.

Eden employee with sprouts

Eden Projects

This serious action we take together with our partner Eden Projects. Eden Projects is a non-profit organization that employs impoverished communities to become agents of global forest restoration. They follow a holistic method, bringing people who are dependent on local rainforests together with the   nature that needs their help desperately.

Eden Projects are active in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Kenya. Because every forest is different, every approach is slightly different as well. The local communities are paid to plant native tree species restoring the forests to their former glory. To date, Eden Projects have planted over 250 million trees.

By working together with the Eden Reforestation Projects we support both the local communities and replant the rainforest.

Eden employees planting trees

One new license means one new tree

As a business and as humans, we want to give back to our planet. That’s why we have decided to plant one tree for each new paid SignRequest license. That means one tree for each Professional or Business account and for each new team member added.

This is on us. It doesn’t impact our pricing, our users won’t feel the difference. By helping reforestation we do our bit to bring planet earth back to life. We are passionate about growth: yours, ours and the planet’s. You do the growth, we do the signing.

If you’re excited about giving back to the environment yourself, read more about how you can run your office without paper. Or start sending e-signatures right way.

Read all about Eden Projects here.

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