As remote working and virtual meetings become the norm for businesses of every size, getting digital recruitment right is vital for HR teams.

Recruitee is there to make it happen. The Amsterdam cloud startup has built a popular Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that helps recruiters and talent acquisition teams manage their applicants more effectively online.

In an environment where employer-employee relationships are defined by digital, losing top candidates due to delays is a real risk. The Harvard Business Review says disengaged applicants will “ghost” a job opportunity mid-process and simply disappear if they perceive that things have gone quiet.

That’s one reason behind Recruitee’s decision to add SignRequest and e-signature functionality to its ATS platform. When keeping applicants engaged from initial application to final onboarding is key to successful recruitment, the speed and simplicity of firming-up offers digitally add real value to Recruitee’s overall offer.

Along with digital signatures, HR teams can use Recruitee to easily make updates and adjustments to contracts during the negotiation phase. They can create templates to speed up the process of making a formal job offer and store all documents easily for access online. 

Automatic reminders can be set for recruiter and applicant, and integrations with popular platforms like Slack mean teams can be notified when a candidate says yes and signs-off a contract of employment.

To enable SignRequest functionality, you just need a paid Recruitee subscription plan: Launch, Scale, or Lead, alongside a SignRequest Pro or Business plan. 


Why e-signatures are a great fit for Recruitee

Digital signing allows candidates to approve offers and contracts electronically. A process that used to take days or even weeks can now happen almost instantly. 

SignRequest e-signatures are secure, reliable, compliant – and legally binding. They cut through the miscommunications, disengagement and assorted admin errors that can hold-up hiring. Some of the biggest companies in the world use them to streamline recruitment and shorten the steps between application and start date.

For HR platforms, digital signing just works. Here’s why:

  • It integrates easily Advanced APIs made it easy to integrate SignRequest with Recruitee’s cloud platform and use digital signatures with multiple document formats like Google Docs and PDFs.
  • Every offer is trackable  With SignRequest, Recruitee’s HR customers gain an audit trail of every offer of employment sent & signed. You can follow who opened and signed an offer or contract, send automatic reminders, or prompt candidates manually to take action. 
  • Every offer is customizable  The design and display of contracts and offer letters can be customized to each candidate.
  • It’s easier  No more waiting until a candidate is at their desk to review an offer and approve it. Employment contracts can be signed instantly anytime, anywhere, from any device. 
  • It’s faster  Pre-approved templates speed up the process of creating a new offer letter or contract or amending them during the negotiation phase.

In their own words

We spoke with Recruitee’s head of integrations, Adam Hodowany, to hear first-hand why e-signatures and application tracking systems are such a great fit.

What is Recruitee’s mission?

Adam Hodowany: At Recruitee, we want to become the number one ATS for mid-sized companies globally. We are innovating a range of recruitment software tools that help companies acquire the very best talent — and do it on their own. Recruitee empowers in-house recruiters and reduces their reliance on outside agencies.

Mid-sized businesses go through rapid growth periods, so we've built an ATS platform and business model that grows and adapts to changing requirements. So as a company’s recruitment needs mature, so will your capabilities on Recruitee. We have products that help you launch your hiring process for the first time, scale your organization during hyper-growth, and lead your industry in hiring practices. 

We also believe it takes a village to hire great people. Recruitment isn’t a one-person job, so we made Recruitee easy to use for everyone. Whether you’re a power user spending most of your day in the platform, or a hiring manager that only logs in a few times a year, we believe the user experience should be the same. 

Why did you choose SignRequest for e-signature integration? 

Adam Hodowany: I conducted market research to find the best digital signature tools and made a list of all the tools that were available about a year ago. After reviewing them, we settled on a shortlist and selected SignRequest for smaller companies. 

I was impressed that SignRequest offers the same great features as other leading tools, but for much fairer pricing. Particularly for smaller companies, it would be hard for us to say 'use DocuSign or HelloSign’. We want to create affordable options for all of our customers.

Was there a single problem that SignRequest solved?

Adam Hodowany: Anytime you hire a candidate, there are essential documents that need to be signed to finalize the relationship. In the recruitment process, it's usually the NDA, offer letter, and contract that need the applicant’s signature.

Especially after the effects of COVID hit, you see organizations going completely (or at least partially) digital. The entire recruitment process has moved online and companies need to keep up to continue to address the needs and problems that come along with that. By adding SignRequest, we're allowing our users to smooth their signature workflow. All signatures can now be handled inside the Recruitee interface.

Which SignRequest features were most important to Recruitee?

Adam Hodowany: Two features were crucial to the decision to go with SignRequest, your API and the stability to create templates. We believe that standardizing your recruitment processes through templates helps to increase efficiency and reduce unconscious bias and we try to reflect this within our product.We encourage our customers to define templates in SignRequest and then use them within Recruitee.

How easy was it to integrate SignRequest with Recruitee?

Adam Hodowany: SignRequest has one of the easier e-signature API’s to navigate, and we’re delighted with the integration. The important thing was to make it easy for our customers to set up and use SignRequest in their hiring process. That’s definitely been achieved. 

What benefits does Recruitee with the SignRequest integration bring to your customers? 

Adam Hodowany: Both Recruitee and SignRequest are trying to make some part of their users' professional lives more manageable. For Recruitee, it's about making the hiring process smoother and faster. Adding SignRequest to the Recruitee experience takes this one level up, by eliminating manual processes and hard copy documents, the recruitment experience is better for both applicants and hiring teams.

Engaged and onboard

Most application tracking systems are designed to manage hiring from job posting to candidate selection. After that, the process shifts into manual. When the time comes for signatures, signed documents may be exchanged by email, post — and sometimes by both.

Systems that let an applicant download documents or receive them by email for printing, signing, and returning, actually make it harder to track progress or manage timelines effectively. It's also an outdated use of technology which can impact perceptions of the employer, especially by younger, tech-savvy candidates.

By adding e-signature capability from SignRequest, Recruitee is putting those concerns to rest. It makes their clients' recruiting and onboarding processes compliant, fast, auditable, and paper-free — even at the negotiation phase when multiple iterations of a letter or contract may need to be exchanged back and forth. 

SignRequest is always looking to partner with software vendors who need digital signature capability. For any use case where the exchange of verified documents is a core requirement, SignRequest can extend functionality and make the overall offering even stronger.
Find out more about our API solution can optimize your signing flow.

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