Effortless and affordable e-signing has earned us a place on G2’s Momentum Leader list.

They’ve tallied the ballots and the winners have been announced. It’s official: SignRequest has joined the e-signing solution top table.

In its annual Fall-Winter report, software review site G2 named SignRequest a Momentum Leader in the e-signature solutions category. We’re in the top five, alongside some of the biggest names in digital signing: Adobe, DocuSign, and more.

What did G2 find? After reviewing the reviews, analysts had two significant takeaways:

  1. Customers value the solution's simplicity, and how easy it is to set up and start using.
  2. Price matters. While there are lots of choices in the e-signing category, a lot of them are expensive. SignRequest delivers a top-grade solution at prices any business can afford.

Of course, we love getting noticed — but users come first. In this blog, we want to delve a bit deeper into why people are signing up for SignRequest, and consistently rating us amongst the biggest and best.

Easy and simple wins the day

Compare the ratings and a clear pattern emerges. In the critical areas of usability and support – ease of use, ease of setup, ease of admin, quality of support, ease of doing business with, and ‘would you recommend?’ – SignRequest comes out on top. 

You can take the numbers as evidence of a bigger trend. As businesses look to simplify office workflow by migrating to the cloud, ditching paper, and automating manual processes, software simplicity matters more than ever. 

At SignRequest, we saw the direction of travel and built a solution that delivers what users love — something simple, secure, and straightforward enough to start using in minutes. 

Once you get stuck in, you can scale your usage (and costs) as activity levels demand.

Why SignRequest gets top reviews

Templates make document creation easy

When essential phrases, clauses, images or fields need to appear every time, SignRequest templates give you confidence that documents are being created consistently across the business, no matter who the author is. 

That consistency is vital when legally binding documents are being created. Templates enforce consistency through a predetermined structure and layout. Documents made using a template will match its base content and layout precisely.

“I like that you can make templates, so you don't have to recreate where to sign every single time. I like that they offer a basic free package, and it's not super expensive to use. I like that it shows if they have opened the email or if they haven't seen it. It helps me know who to follow up with. I also like that you can press a button to resent the document again and not have to recreate it." — Whitney P, Small Business Owner.

You can blend it into existing cloud workflow

SignRequest’s advanced API lets you add e-signing capability to more than 2,000 cloud collaboration platforms, and we’re already integrated with Google Workspace, Salesforce, Slack, and M-Files. We’re also compatible with most document formats, from MS Word to Google Docs and PDFs.

“SignRequest easily integrates with G-Suite. Getting a document signed is an easy click away from Google Docs, which fits great into our workflow. No need to "download as PDF" and Upload. SignRequest is effective, valuable, and is good value for money compared to the alternatives we considered. We've been using it for several years now, and we are fans." — Yuval Y, Small Business Owner

You can set an order of signing

Some documents need more than one signatory or have to go through an approvals process where some people sign while others only need to read or click ‘confirm.’ With SignRequest, you can send a single document to multiple recipients and indicate which action is required by each.

“SignRequest is a great tool. What I really like is being able to add multiple recipients to a  document so you can have different parties sign.” —Julie R, Head of Finance.

Stay in the know

With all the documents we have to manage on a daily basis, it’s easy to lose track. SignRequest helps you keep every document out for signature firmly on the radar with automatic or manual reminders. You‘ll also get a ping whenever someone signs or even opens a document you’ve sent.

“I love how easy it is for my clients to review, sign, and return a document, as well as the email notifications updating me on its status. Getting a signed contract back on the same day that I sent it is a huge blessing! Not to mention I don't have to worry about it getting lost in the mail.” —Rachel B, Videographer.

Supports your brand 

SignRequest gives you lots of options to reflect your brand identity, on the documents you send and the landing pages you create for each recipient. You can add company logos, fonts, colors, and even set standard layouts with SignRequest document templates. Key messages and straplines appear precisely as they should on every new document you or your teammates create.

“I can customize my forms easily and put information where I need it.” — Eric G, Business Director.

It just works

Relying on ink-to-paper for contracts and other important documents can be expensive and time-wasting. Signing on a digital dotted line cuts out the manual middlemen, from couriers to mailroom staff and administrative workers. It also eliminates loads of potential for human error.

“Free to use, easy and intuitive, and couldn't have asked for an easier app to get everyone to sign documents. Sending PDFs around? No way. This makes it so easy to collaborate. As a grad student, we have all kinds of forms all the time, and having multiple people sign through email would be an absolute nightmare! Especially in pandemic times, SignRequest is indispensable!” — Wei Feng M, Medical Student.

How do we do it?

When you consider which e-signature solution is right for your organization, it's often a case of features versus focus. Many of the leading brands come loaded with extras and drill-down options for bespoke configuration. 

At SignRequest we chose a different path: customer-focused simplicity.

Instead of offering a long list of added features, we opted to get the core functionality and workflow of e-signing absolutely spot-on. Our user ratings prove we’re on the right track.

If you’re investing in software, an offer with more options can be compelling. But feature bloat can confuse users and hurt engagement. Your expensive solution might end up gathering dust.

Functions like geolocation and field markup sound great, but are they vital? Will users make the effort to blend it into their daily workflow? IT teams often find that, after a new software rollout, end-users spend the majority of their time applying the top-line features. 

And let’s be honest, solutions with a lot of drill-down functionality cost more to develop — and that’s passed on to customers.

SignRequest does everything the majority of users need; it just does it better and cheaper: 

"My favorite thing about this product is that it just operates in the background, fully integrated with no issues. It is straightforward to use and is one of the best-priced options out there, doing exactly what it said it would do without needless frills". — Emil G, Entrepreneur.

For organizations that do want to customize, we’ve pre-integrated SignRequest with Salesforce, Google Workspace, M-Files, and more than 2000 Zapier apps. 


Getting people to print, sign and send back all the contracts, approval forms, tax submissions, and NDAs that fill their on-boxes every day is a chore. E-signing saves effort and admin, and gives people more time to focus on the tasks that matter. 

Choosing the right solution can be tricky, though. The market is bursting with options. 

Why choose SignRequest? We think our users say it best:

“Saves us time preparing docs, and gets us our signoffs much quicker!” —Marcy M, PMO Manager.

“Incredibly simple and intuitive user interface. Super powerful. Saves so much time. Fantastic free features.” —Cameron F, Product Manager

“The integration with Zapier is clear and obvious. If you're using Google Workspace, the ability to assign signature boxes just by pasting in some blank text means a fully working integration takes just seconds to set up”. —Simon P, Busines Application Manager.

We achieved G2’s Momentum Leader level thanks to a relentless focus on delivering a smooth and effortless customer experience. That’s why users rate us so highly. SignRequest does precisely what it says on the tin: securely, elegantly, simply.

Why not give us a try?

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