While many parts of the world are dealing with an ageing population, most of the African continent is facing the opposite problem. Currently, 50% of Africa’s population is under 18 years old. Kids full of dreams and potential who enter a saturated job market they are ill-prepared for. A job market that requires both hard and soft skills they have not been taught in school, resulting in widespread unemployment and underemployment.

Educate! aims to disrupt this system by offering secondary school students the skills they need to make a living for themselves and succeed in a modern economy.
Educate! tackles youth unemployment by partnering with schools and governments to reform what schools teach and how they teach it so that students in Africa have the skills to start businesses, get jobs, and drive development in their communities.
By teaching the students skills such as critical thinking, market research, and creativity, Educate! develops young leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa.

Educate! works with a widely distributed team which brings its challenges.

“A lot of our staff work away from our main office for most of the month, but they need to submit signed documents on a weekly or biweekly basis. ”  

SignRequest offered the solution to their problem. Now team members can share and sign documents within minutes no matter where they are.

“By using SignRequest, we were able to eliminate the need for people coming into the office just for the purpose of signing documents.”

Working with an electronic signature solution did not only save Educate! time but also space.

“We found ourselves working with hard copies that called for a lot of storage space around the office. We are now able to work without printing and do our filing online on Google Drive.”

Less printing, of course, means less paper and less pollution.

“We were able to make our office a lot greener by going mostly paper-free.”

Saving money, space and time that can be put to so much better use; empowering a generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.
Do you want to learn more about the great work Educate! is doing in Africa and their ambitious goals for this continent's youth, check out their website.

Save time, money and space yourself and send your own SignRequest.

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