Hospitality and customization are essential features in the hotel industry. You want to make sure your guests have everything they need and more. How easy would it be if they can book all those extras themselves online, beforehand? Leave the upselling up to the system with Oaky.

Oaky is a platform developed to help hoteliers become Rockstars at upselling by allowing their guests to design their own stay. A perfect combination: enhancing the customer experience while driving extra revenue.

Oaky is connected to your booking system and automatically sends personalized offers to your guests, upselling the right thing at the right time. All the while gathering powerful data about your guests to refine the system and offer you valuable insights.

Oaky offers its clients an email open rate of 80%. Unfortunately, the open rate of contracts sent by Oaky to their partners was a lot harder to track. This resulted in a lot of waiting around for contracts to be printed, signed, scanned and sent back. A waste of everyone’s time. SignRequest came to the rescue.

“It was impossible for us to know if the contract was being opened and interacted with at all.”

SignRequest allows you to track your sent document. So you will know exactly when a document has been opened, downloaded and signed. We’re all about saving time.

“Thanks to SignRequest, we easily send out contracts in a jiffy. It has made it possible for us to receive signed contracts within minutes after sending them out.”

What is better than one online tool? Several online tools working together. Oaky knows this like no other. Their system integrates with a long list of booking systems. No wonder they’re fans of the SignRequest integrations as well.

“We particularly love the Slack Integration, that allows us to know how often the signer interacts with the contract. This way we can call our contact and help them out if they have any questions or doubts about the content of the contract.”

Do you want to work with a solid upselling system too? Read all about Oaky on their website or book a 100% free, no strings attached demo.
Save your partners, clients, and employees from PSS (Print, Sign, Scan) and start working with SignRequest yourself.

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