I am sitting in a co-working space and in the corner of the room there are 6 developers and engineers standing around a printer/scanner trying to get it to work. Six people have now wasted 30 minutes of their day and it's still not working.

Something as seemingly harmless as asking your clients to sign a document can make you lose them quicker than they can print, sign and scan your contract. The three tweets above are only three examples of the frustration out there. As the kids would say: the struggle is real. And it's not all sunshine and roses on your end of it either, you end up wasting just as much time waiting around for a contract to come back.

Endless bureaucracy

Every company should strive to be less bureaucratic and more efficient than a government agency. Even if your organization is a government agency. Make efficiency and user experience your priority and you’ll reap the benefits. A more efficient process will take some initial investment of time and effort but it will make your business easier to navigate for both your clients and your team.
Keep asking yourself the question: how can we make this process easier for our customers? There’s a very good chance that many companies have asked themselves that same question before and have found answers that you can copy. For instance: you don’t have to invent a better way to speed up the signing process, SignRequest has already done that for you.

If you don’t, others will

Choices are endless and within reach. Consumers have become experts in comparing suppliers. When they finally decide you're the best option out there, don’t prove them wrong by subjecting them to a painful onboarding process. They’ll easily find a competitor who does keep their experience in mind and works efficiently.

Expectations define satisfaction

Expectations have an enormous impact on the level of satisfaction your clients experience. If everyone is slow, they won’t mind you being slow. But if three of their suppliers have managed to speed up their processes, the rest simply can’t stay behind. Have your clients been able to sign electronically when opening a new bank account and while registering for a new gym? They’ll also expect it from their daycare, lawyer and ultimately, also their government.

Be quick about it

Of course, we all go to work every day to serve our customers. But it certainly does help that SignRequest makes it all a lot easier for yourself as well. You don’t want to sit around waiting for contracts to be signed either. Does it take days or even weeks to get documents authorized?
Speed up the process by days if not more with our online signature solution. It can now be done in mere minutes. Try SignRequest for free and experience the efficiency yourself.

After all the Twitter anger, we also found some love.

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