The year is 2019.Over half the world’s population is connected to the world wide web. Words such as smart, cloud, social and privacy have come to carry a whole new meaning for many of us. Then how you may ask, is it possible that you are still printing contracts to sign and scan them back in again? There must be a better way to sign a contract!

Of course: there is a better way: electronic signatures. E-signing means that you sign a contract online without the need for a printer, a scanner or even a pen. Anyone can sign electronically, there is no special equipment needed. Only a free account with SignRequest.

Most people use SignRequest to send documents to be signed. It is, however, very easy to use the signature solution to sign contracts that were sent to you by email. Let me guide you through three ways of doing this. Really easy, free and legally binding.


It might happen that a contact wants you to download and sign a document from their website. One thing you can do is download this document, print it, sign and scan it back before emailing it to your contact. You could do that. But if you are anything like us, you do not like wasting time and paper on tedious tasks like that. Especially since printers and scanners have an annoying habit of never working properly.

This is where SignRequest comes in. Besides being an excellent tool to send out documents to be signed by others, you can also simply sign documents yourself. Download the document that requires your signature and upload it to SignRequest. Follow these simple steps to sign yourself:

  1. Our system will ask you who needs to sign, select Only Me.
  2. Add both your own email address and the details of your contact.
  3. Sign the document and finalize it.

Wasn’t that easy? Both you and your contact will receive the signed document in your respective mailboxes. You also each receive the signing log which holds all the information that makes SignRequest legally binding.


Now, let’s say you receive a document to be signed directly in your Gmail inbox. Of course, you could download it and upload it again but you don’t have to. With our Gmail add-on, you can start right from where you are. We have made this tutorial for you so you can follow along easily.

  1. Find the add-on in Gmail and install it.
  2. Open any email that has a document attached. Click our logo in the sidebar.
  3. Create the SignRequest with your contact in CC.

Now you can follow the same steps in the SignRequest tool as you do when uploading a document. So convenient!

Google Drive

Another option you have for online signing is to open and sign a document straight from your Google Drive. To get started, you first need to enable the Google Drive integration in your account. This is how that's done.

Now you can sign from Google Drive straight to SignRequest.

Piece of cake.

To optimize your workflow even further with our Zapier integrations. Or just start e-signing for free with SignRequest right away. We promise you, it will save you time, paper and a lot of frustration. Good for you, good for the world.

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