In a sped-up marketplace where customer relationships are rapidly going virtual, sales teams need to move fast

Modern targeting and selling techniques mean suspects quickly become prospects and start moving through the funnel at breakneck speed. But manual contract processes leftover from a bygone age can plug up the point where they should convert to customers.

These days, insisting on handwritten signatures to formalize contracts can hold things up. Convincing a prospect to take the final step is hard enough. Asking them to physically ink and send back a paper document adds delay and risks derailing the sale entirely. 

What if the document is lost or damaged in transit? What if the prospect has second thoughts while they’re waiting?

Strike while the iron is hot

Sales cycles are getting shorter, making it more critical than ever to present new customers with the option to finalize agreements while they’re in a buying mindset.

Digital signatures make that possible. By allowing both parties to sign contracts electronically, what used to take days and can happen in a flash. 

E-signing is reliable, secure, and crucially — recognized in both US and EU law. It’s a legally binding way to cut through the delays that can stop agreements from happening. Sales teams at some of the world's biggest companies use them to simplify contract workflow and quickly turn opportunities into revenues.

How e-signatures support sales

Better collaboration

You should be able to work closely with colleagues on complex contracts, ensuring everyone has access to the correct versions and templates. The system should also let you track and date-stamp every change and know who took what action and when. With an e-signature team account, you can create and share documents easily, reaching an agreement on edits and revisions while taking things forward as a group to final approval and signature.  

Better branding

E-signatures make it easy to embed your brand identity on every document, from logos and colors to fonts and page layouts. SignRequest document templates can also ensure that any standard language or clauses appear precisely as they should on every new contract created.

Easy integration with other tools

E-signature services like SignRequest integrate seamlessly with CRM systems and cloud-based document management platforms like Google Workspace. Digital signatures work with a wide range of electronic document formats, including Google Docs and PDFs. When a new deal has been signed, you can create an alert on Slack to let the whole team know.

Extended control over the process

SignRequest gives you a single repository where you can store, manage, edit, and track all your forms and contracts. You can view the status of each document at a glance, know which ones have been signed and which haven't, assign actions and see when they've been completed. You can also establish a signing order when multiple signatures are required. Designate people in the approvals chain who need to sign, need to approve, or simply need to be in the loop.

It’s personal

E-signing notifications and web displays can be customized to the customer, making the contract signing process digital — but human too. 

With SR, you can also sign in person, so you can also use SR if you close deals face to face.

It’s green 

Digital signatures slash the use of paper and printer consumables dramatically. That’s not only important for the new realities of COVID-19, it cuts back on commuting and reduces the transport-driven carbon footprint associated with sending paper documents across town or around the world. When companies are increasingly under pressure to prove their green credentials, e-signatures demonstrate a corporate commitment to sustainability from the get-go. At SignRequest, we plant a tree for every new paying license.

Salesforce and SignRequest

One of the great things about creating software on cloud infrastructure is how easy it is for developers to connect the dots between systems. 

That’s exactly what we’ve done with our Salesforce integration. Rather than use SignRequest and Salesforce separately, sales professionals can wrap their functions together and get all the benefits of e-signing without leaving the Salesforce environment.

You can create, sign, and send documents for signature within Salesforce. Just sign up for a trial and follow the straightforward integration steps.

The power of templates

When essential phrases and clauses need to appear every time, document templates give you confidence that contracts are being created consistently across the business, no matter who the author is. 

That’s vital when legally binding agreements are being created. Templates enforce consistency through a predetermined structure and layout. Documents made using a template will match their base content and layout precisely.

They’re also efficient. You create a contract template once and then use it repeatedly, eliminating time spent reproducing standard wording or layouts. 

The same applies to documents that need signatures. SignRequest lets you create a contract once and save it forever as a template. You can add advanced template elements like signing order, default message, and notification settings, along with standard content.

You can also add custom fields or content to a base document in any format — PDF, Word doc, Google Doc, and more.

Improving online sales conversion

Taking the admin out of traditionally paper-laden transactions can be a real conversion booster. Just ask our customer Flight Refund.

Their innovative online service helps flyers get their money back when airlines fail to meet their EU-mandated flight delay threshold. Any traveler whose flight has been canceled or delayed more than 3 hours can apply for a refund using the Flight Refund website. 

After answering a few questions about their case, the system automatically determines if the customer is entitled to a refund.

They can then choose an immediate discounted pay-out or opt to wait for the case to be resolved and get a full refund. The standard statutory process for this is admin-heavy and needs a lot of paperwork. That means signatures.

To make life easier for potential customers, Flight Refund added digital signing from SignRequest to their offer. Users can now complete the necessary claim forms, sign, and send them directly from the Flight Refund website. 

A contract is automatically generated from a template, saving everyone in the process time while streamlining the refund process.

Michael Schmitz, CEO of Flight Refund, told us that ‘adding SignRequest has doubled our conversion rate. We went from break-even to highly profitable in no time.’

Faster onboarding

Our customer Portabase offers a web-based software solution for the childcare industry, enabling daycare centers to manage the sector’s specialist requirements for invoicing and scheduling, as well as all-important contracts for new customers. 

Secure digital signatures to finalize contracts are an essential component of the solution. They make it easy for users to conclude agreements quickly without leaving the Portabase front end. However, e-signing has to be just right: easy to use, fast, and secure. 

For Portabase, adding SignRequest was the perfect option. Our cloud-based API made the integration seamless, enabling customers to experience e-signing as a native Portabase feature rather than a separate application.

Five years into the partnership, hundreds of thousands of contracts and new customer relationships have been finalized with a SignRequest e-signature.

Reducing the time from qualify to close

E-signing from SignRequest can speed prospects through the final stages of the funnel and increase conversion rates. It eliminates the need to print, deliver, sign, return or scan paper documents. What used to be a laborious and time-consuming process becomes easier for everyone.

In a remote working, mobile, and virtual business world, handwritten signatures are simply impractical. They take too long and risk causing delays just at the point when customers are ready to buy — or fly. 

When prospects are ready to sign on the dotted line, e-signatures are the easiest, fastest, cheapest, and greenest way to make it happen.


Want to give digital signatures a try? Select one of our standard plans and take SignRequest for a test drive.

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