Healthcare in Britain is changing rapidly. Even before the pandemic, NHS restructuring and digital transformation were driving a seismic shift in the way care services are accessed and delivered. 

That’s created a huge opportunity for healthcare innovators like the UK’s Cera Care. The company blends exceptional delivery with the latest digital technologies to provide affordable and flexible home care.

With revenues expected to grow tenfold this year, they’ve been called one of Europe’s top health tech companies to watch. One of the reasons for those kudos is the way they integrate technology to make care services both responsive and cost-efficient. The company is always looking for new ways to simplify things and make life easier for service users.

Cera Care recently launched an electronic mailing portal that allows employees to post mail from any location. E-signature capability was an essential element of the implementation, enabling staff to send verified healthcare documents quickly while out on call.

Using digital signatures has had a positive impact on efficiency and productivity. To understand in more detail, we spoke with Mason Barendrecht, Care Care’s IT service manager.

Why are digital signatures important to Cera Care?

Mason Barendrecht: ‘Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry that requires a lot of documentation, and where verification by signature is a legal requirement. Sometimes one person needs to sign, sometimes many. Our operations teams have numerous documents that need to be signed by remote staff, and then counter-signed by support staff at our local branches.

‘Key documents have always been available for download from our app, but this meant the employee would have to print the document, drive to the nearest branch, and hand over the signed document in person. They would then need to take a scan or copy and have that counter-signed.’

‘We always look to make workflow easier for employees and other users. We realised that our processes around signatures were complex and time-consuming. That’s when we started looking at digital signature solutions and settled on SignRequest.’

The results

 Cera Care’s new document mailing platform with e-signing capability has helped productivity, making it possible for carers to get more done and increase the number of clients they can see each day. 

‘We’re always looking for tools and technologies that make our services easier to use, and which improve the quality of care.’ Mason said

He says working with SignRequest on the integration was easy and straightforward, with 21 locations up and running in just two weeks.

Besides the focus on making Cera Care’s products better, the business has an objective to become paperless. With digital tools like SignRequest, they've been able to reduce paper usage by 80%. 

‘We have loads of projects in the works to ensure we are always striving to improve care. Flexibility in delivery is absolutely essential to our business model, and so is security. These are deal-breakers for us. We work with patient data related to medicines and conversations with physicians, so it has to be protected.

‘SignRequest has helped us tackle both of those concerns. Their excellent support team helped us set up the e-signature Teams function, which allows us to add or take away permissions like user and location to ensure only authorised people see certain documents.

‘The flexibility we’ve seen from SignRequest and the security they provide for our documents made them the perfect digital signature partner for our platform.’

“Just do it”

For other companies looking to digitise more of their document workflow, Mason says e-signatures are an essential component. Trialling the different services is easy. Select some of the top names like SignRequest, and take them for a test drive.

‘Just do it. Strive for greater efficiency and see how digital signature capability allows you to be more time- and money-efficient. Our experience has been that end users love e-signing.’

‘You should also lean on the expertise of your new partner. They have experience from other clients and across industries that might help you solve a problem differently or see new ways to make your products better.’

Driving efficiencies and paving the way for growth

SignRequest is always looking to partner with software vendors who need digital signature capability. For any use case where the exchange of verified documents is a core requirement, SignRequest can extend functionality and make the overall offering even stronger.

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