If you are looking for a tech or SaaS solution, you are bound to come across the term API sooner or later. However, you might have no idea what this means, what the benefits are and what you should take into account when considering an API solution. I’ll tell you all about it in this article.

What does API mean?

API stands for Application Programming Interface but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t clear up any of the mystery for you. If you are interested in knowing the more technical side of how APIs work, check out this article that does a great job of putting it in plain English.

If you only want to get the gist of it, here goes. Take some software, such as the SignRequest software. This normally works in its own environment; the SignRequest website. Users go to the website and send and sign documents from there. With an API, we open up our software so our clients can use it on their own website or software. This way it is integrated and there is no need to go to the SignRequest website to access and use it.

Basically, an API is to a computer what a website is to a human. A website makes data comprehensible for us humans so we can read and use it. However, these nice looking websites are a complete nightmare for a computer to understand and filter the right information out of. So applications like SignRequest give these systems something else to work with, something nice and orderly: an API.

What are the benefits of an API?

The big advantage of an API is that you can access and use all kinds of different solutions from one system. There is no need to go to all the individual sites or applications to use their functionalities.

It also means that the developers of your own software, platform or website don’t have to build everything themselves. Most of the time, whatever functionality you are looking for, someone has already built it. Through APIs, you can bring all of these functionalities together in one place.

Another benefit is that APIs can often be customized to a certain extent. Do you need a specific feature that our standard solution does not offer? We can always have a brainstorm about the different options.

What should you take into account?

The main thing you should take into account when considering an API solution is the setup time and cost. The integration with your own system has great benefits in the long run but it takes some initial investment.

Most companies offering an API solution, also offer some support for setting up but having a developer on your end of things is a must. This will make the process as smooth as possible.

SignRequest’s API

SignRequest offers a very complete and affordable API. If you want to know how our API solution can speed up business processes and improve onboarding flow, just take a look at Weepee.io.

Thanks to our partnership, clients of this telecom company can now sign their contracts right on the Weepee website. This means no more breaks in the process or waiting time for either them or their clients.

“The SignRequest API combines an easy to use "plug and play" implementation with quick and transparent customer support!" - Weepee.io

Do you want more information on how we can help you improve your processes, save both money and time and make your customers happy? Please contact us here and we’ll be in touch with you.

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