SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service. You might have come across the word a few times already but don’t really understand what it means and what the benefits of SaaS companies are. I will lay it all out for you so you get a firmer grasp on the concept can know what to look for.

Definitions defines SaaS as “software that is deployed over the Internet rather than installed on a computer.” But what does that mean really?
In the old days it was standard to purchase software that you needed and install it on your computer or even buy some hardware to make it all work. You might remember buying Microsoft Office on a CD-ROM. This also meant you had to keep purchasing new versions if you wanted to keep up with the different editions.

The widespread use of the Cloud changed all of this. Software can now be accessed through the Cloud, on the web, using a username and password. Because you don’t have to install the software on your devices anymore but can just log in from anywhere, you don’t have to buy it either. Most SaaS solutions are subscription-based or on-demand (just pay for what you use when you use it).

SaaS solutions

Without knowing it, you are already using plenty of SaaS services. Examples of Saas companies are Gmail, Netflix, Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive and SignRequest. Many SaaS companies, such as SignRequest, have a free version that you can use and a premium solution for a monthly fee. Others, like Google, offer their services for free with paid add-ons. You can find more examples of SaaS tools in our article on tools that make your life easier.

Advantages of SaaS

There are a lot to advantages of using SaaS solutions:
Easy to set up because there’s no installation process

  • No setup fees
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Log in from any device, anywhere
  • Always have access to the newest features and latest updates


Using SignRequest gives you all these benefits. Our electronic signature solution is also Cloud-based and with your username and password, you can use it from anywhere. With limited signing needs, you can just use our service for free or upgrade to a Pro or SME subscription any time you may need it. With SaaS subscriptions like SignRequest, you can keep scaling up and down whenever you need. This means you never pay more than necessary.