IT teams know better than anyone how automation is streamlining operations and eliminating rote tasks. With e-signing you can take efficiency to the next level and unclog the manual document processes that still gum-up the works. 

Delegate more; turn off email; swallow the frog — there’s enough advice out there on becoming more efficient to fill a Google index. But with everything that’s happened in the last 18 months, how much of it still holds water?

Manual processes have been ditched for digital. For IT and operations teams, keeping up with the latest SaaS tools and techniques for protecting productivity has become more important than ever.

That’s because document workflow stands out like a sore thumb. Even in the midst of the most rapid IT evolution in living memory, getting signatures on purchase requests and approvals is still a stubbornly manual and paper-based process.

It’s blocking the road to full digital transformation. It’s also opening up a productivity gap between those that make the leap to electronic signatures, and those that don’t.

So many documents still clog up IT workflow that its vital to automate and eliminate them wherever you can. Here’s how IT and operations teams can lead the way internally — and onboard others to e-signing while they’re at it.

How e-signing helps IT break the paper habit for good

Blend your SaaS platforms

With so much work and collaboration happening in the cloud, it makes sense to blend platforms wherever you can. SignRequest’s e-signature solution is already integrated with some of the most popular apps out there, from Google Workspace to Salesforce, M-Files, and more. 

We’ve joined the digital dots so you can focus on delivering seamless workflow to every department. 

With our Google Workspace integration, everyone can sign documents straight from Gmail or Google Docs. Switching on the SignRequest tool in any Google doc lets you send and store them automatically in your Drive folder. 

Alongside household names like Google and Dropbox we’ve also connected SignRequest to more than 2,000 Zapier apps. That means you can fully automate your e-signature flow with Zapier’s long list of sector specific apps. Execute a SignRequest or configure a signed Zapier document to click the next step in each department’s signature flow. 

Ensuring document consistency across departments

When standard text to be included in every document, every time, templates can be a huge time saver. They provide assurance that documents are being created consistently, no matter which team member is the author. 

SignRequest lets IT and every other department create a document once and save it forever as a template. Along with standard text, logos, and images, you can setup functional elements like notifications, default responses, and a sequential signing order.

Template tags also enable you to add data and fields to new base document in whatever format the business prefers —Word, PDF, Google Doc, and more.

Joining up teams

SignRequest Team accounts enable colleagues to work across departments on even the most complex documents and contracts, ensuring everyone has access to the correct versions and templates they need. 

Individual users can switch between Personal and Team accounts at will. Templates and customization features let everyone work faster and create new documents from pre-approved baseline content, then send them directly for signature once they’re finalized.

Protecting productivity

Locating, organizing and editing paper documents is a time-consuming hassle that can leave you frustrated and unproductive. Employees can spend up to 18 minutes looking for a single lost file. With paper documents the problems just multiply. They might be mis-filed, piled on the wrong desk, damaged — or even lost.

That’s why it makes sense to keep original copies of all the documents you send out for signature in one place. 

SignRequest’s document management tools give you one shared vault where everyone can store, manage, edit, and track everything they create and send for signature. You can see the status of documents at a glance, know what action has been taken by whom, and see what’s still needed.

Adding capability to cloud solutions

And if you’re developing apps of your own, SignRequest’s easy-to-use API makes it simple to add e-signature capability to your service. Our customer FlightRefund recently integrated SignRequest with its platform and doubled its conversion rate — after an implementation that took just 90 minutes.

Success story – 7 Eleven

With more than 3,000 locations spread across the Philippines, Global retailer 7-Eleven found itself facing huge organisational challenges when the pandemic landed. 

More than 1,000 employees in thousands of retail locations and 17 warehouses were suddenly socially distanced and cut off from many of the company’s standard paper-based approvals processes.

They selected SignRequest’s enterprise solution to digitize processes like, signing new sales and distribution contracts, approving in-store promotions, and facilitating HR processes. The high volume of documents, organizational complexity, and need for rapid deployment made SignRequest the perfect choice. 

All 1,000 staff members were up and running in a matter of days. Before SignRequest, it typically took one to two weeks to get paper documents signed. Now, most documents are signed within days, and it's common to receive a sign back within a few hours. 

Give SignRequest a try

E-signatures shorten turnaround times and speed up approvals. You can submit forms and share documents in the blink of an eye, then get sign-off in minutes rather than days or weeks. 

E-signatures help IT teams streamline and simplify how they create and get approval on documents. At the desk or on the move, SignRequest lets IT teams send and sign documents from anywhere through a simple, user-friendly interface.

Secure and user-friendly e-signature software from SignRequest can help you minimise manual processes, freeing you up to prioritise the things that matter most. You’ll reduce or eliminate the need to physically send forms back and forth between departments, giving everyone more space to focus on value-added tasks.

Ready to digitise IT operations from back to front? Choose one of our professional or business plans and take SignRequest for a test drive today.

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