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Our E-signature Features
SignRequest offers one of the easiest digital signature tools. Each and every one of our features is useful and helps you speed up
and smooth out your electronic signing process. Find out how our features can help you grow.
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Signing and sending

Sign on any device

Sign documents online on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Choose between drawing or uploading a signature or just type your name.

Order of signing

Determine the order in which your contacts receive your SignRequest. Signer 2 will only be asked to e-sign once signer 1 has completed their part of the process.


Both sender and receiver can attach documents to a SignRequest. You can also choose to make signer attachments required so your contacts never forget to upload the needed information.

Method of authorization

Ask your contacts to sign or only approve your document. If you simply want to notify a contact of the signing process or send them the final document that is also an option.

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My documents

Many of our customers came for the signatures and stayed for the My Documents section. One place to manage, track, and store all your documents. In one glance you see the status of each document and where action is still required.


E-signature integrations

SignRequest's electronic signatures integrate with several software systems. Easily add the SignRequest contract management and digital signature solution to your existing software systems.

Custom integrations

SignRequest e-signatures integrate with some of the most popular apps on the web. Our Microsoft Flow, Dropbox, M-Files, Formdesk, and TOPdesk integrations are specially designed to save you time and help you grow. Let the technology do the work for you.

Zapier integration

Thanks to our Zapier integrations you can fully automate your e-signature flow by connecting SignRequest to 2,000+ apps. Automatically send SignRequests or let a signed document trigger the next step in your sales process.

Teams and branding


Create SignRequest team accounts to work together with coworkers and make sure everyone has access to the documents and templates they need. We’ll keep track of who took what action. You can switch between your personal account and team accounts at any time.

Customized branding

Upload your logo, choose your colors and font, and default message and subject line. You can also redirect signers to a customized landing page to be recognizable throughout the signing process.

Custom landing pages

With team accounts, you can not only customize your branding but also choose custom landing pages. After signing we’ll lead your contacts to your thank you page. A personal touch that makes all the difference.

Security and legality

Secure audit trail

Thanks to our meticulous documentation and signing log a secure audit trail will be created of all documents sent and signed. Signing logs include the signers’ IP addresses, email addresses, SignRequest verifications, and timestamps among other information. Every completed SignRequest bears a seal to ensure security and legality. Changing anything in the PDF breaks the seal renders it invalid.

Text message verification

This is an extra security measure for your most confidential documents. We will send your contact a one-time password (OTP) via text message which they will have to provide before they can sign the document.

Consumer disclosure

Upgrade to a paid plan if your use case requires the presentation of a consumer disclosure.



Our templates are a real time-saver. Prepare your most used documents once and keep using them forever. You can even choose to replace the original file while keeping the signing order, default message, and notification settings.


Keep your sent SignRequests top of mind with automatic or manual reminders. In My Documents, you find a clear overview of all documents that are sent and signed or still require action. We’ll keep track of all your documents so you don’t have to.


We keep you updated about every step in the e-signing process with notifications. Personalize your notification settings in your account so you know exactly what you need to know.

Advanced sending


Send multiple documents in one SignRequest. Multi-doc SignRequests promote a smooth process and prevent full inboxes. The SignRequest will only be completed once all documents are signed.

Public signing link

A public signing link is a shareable link you can use to let a large number of signers place their e-signature on the same copy of a document, e.g. for a petition.

Bulk send

Sending in bulk is the way to go when you need a large number of people to each sign their own copy of the same document. You can send in bulk using API credits which you can pay as you go or buy in a bundle valid for a year.

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