The answer lies in customer-focused simplicity

The e-signing market is big and set to get bigger. That means there’s a lot of competition. With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder some software-makers try to set themselves apart by adding loads of features and functions.

When companies start searching for an e-signing solution, a core set of capabilities that make e-signatures fast, shareable, and easy-to-use is what they really need. 

If you’re investing in software, products with more options can look more attractive. But in the e-signing space, a lot of those bells and whistles could end up gathering dust.

Functions like field markup and geolocation capture sound cool (OK, they are cool). But does your business really need them? And if there is a use case, will end-users and partners find it compelling enough to weave it into their daily workflow?

Maybe, though adding too many extras can also be counter-productive. IT teams often find that after they’ve made a case for a new software solution, secured the necessary budget, ticked all the procurement boxes, and then implemented it across the business, end users really only make use of the top-line features. 

If you think about it, solutions with granular functionality and extensive configurability tend to cost more. A lot of R&D went into building them. They need support after rollout. As a customer, you pay extra for both.

In e-signing, buying something too complex could lead to low engagement metrics and impact your projected ROI.

Our approach

On paper, building loads of features into software can add value to a product, but if end-users ignore them, the money might be better spent elsewhere. 

Humans are known to resist long lists of extras. Our brains are designed to place things in useful categories like ‘stuff I need’ and ‘everything else.’ They’re also designed to follow routines.

At SignRequest, we make e-signing routines seamless. We do that by focusing on the essentials:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to share
  • Easy collaboration on documents
  • Easy integration with the tools you already use
  • Great on any device
  • Legally-binding and trackable
  • Private and highly secure

We believe that the more you give the more you receive. We feel that electronic signatures should be affordable and accessible for every organization (read more).

Because of that, our R&D is focused on user-driven innovation. Rather than endlessly experiment, we listen to what customers tell us, run usability tests, and draw from a mix of feedback and data. That way we can pinpoint the new features that matter, and make sure they enhance the user experience. 

Part of that is ensuring SignRequest integrates easily with a wide range of tools. Connecting everything you use to get your work daily done makes life easier. Customers can integrate us with big names like Salesforce, Google, and Slack. Then there are 2,000-plus Zapier integrations for businesses that need to use SignRequest with more sector-specific tools.

By emphasizing the essentials and focusing on capabilities-driven by customer feedback, we're able to run leaner. 

The result? We can offer SignRequest at some of the lowest prices available in the e-signing space. And we can do it without skimping on quality. G2 has placed us in their Momentum Grid, meaning we're among the top solutions in the space.

Elegant simplicity costs less

Every organization invests in software and cloud services to one extent or another, but the value that tech investments deliver can change over time. Sometimes new approaches overtake the old ones, or requirements evolve as the business grows.

In both cases, it's vital to scrutinize technology needs carefully. Licenses, modules, and support can be costly. Future-proofing is vital. And in 2021, we all know how quickly things can change. 

Teams need digital tools that can be implemented remotely with minimal training and make collaboration secure and straightforward. They need to do precisely what they promise and do it brilliantly. They need to make essential tasks faster and easier to execute.

If you’re starting the procurement process for an e-signing solution, ask any vendor on the shortlist if they can deliver those benefits — at a price that's in line with what they bring to the business.

Review sites like G2 make it easy to compare vendors on a grid of features and functions and see everything in the context of pricing. You can do a detailed audit of products and services, look at all the features you'd end up paying for, and ask which ones your end users would likely use each day.

Consider partners and customers too. Would they use them? If you can drop unnecessary features, you might be able to secure better pricing – or find a solution like SignRequest that’s laser-focused on doing the e-signature basics brilliantly.

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